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15th Jul 2015 from TwitLonger

Shady shady g2..

In regards to G2 and my experience with the organization. I was picked up by G2 along with my team mates after the qualifiers for EUCS in the spring split, Ocelote contacted us initially and wanted to make us a great deal, presumably. We accepted to join the organization due to housing complications, and figured this would be a convenient opportunity, we were never given a contract though, it was not until we reached playoffs that we were given one. Needless to say, it was a terrible contract we were given, there were no obligations from their part, only ours, no salary, and we would have to pay them 20% of our earnings – they weren’t obligated to even house us and could have kicked us on the streets whenever they felt like it for any reason. We were put in a situation where we had to sign the contract RIGHT BEFORE our game vs. LLL whilst in the middle of playoffs or else we would get kicked out of the house. Furthermore, when Chris contacted me I was unsure of the contract situation, and I know he reached out to ocelot who told him that he would send me a copy of my contract and we would take it from there. Weeks passed, and despite asking numerous times, Ocelote refused to send me my contract – maybe he lost it or was too embarrassed and ashamed at the prospect of me showing to someone. Anyway I decided to offer him the 80% of the Riot money he hadn’t already taken to be rid of him despite the fact that I consulted a lawyer who told me that under all these conditions the contract was invalid. The only person who deserves fault here is Ocelote and his attempt on trying to salvage his organization is pathetic. Thank God I got out, that Chris was willing to take care of me every step of the way, and that I am finally able to play on a team that treats me with dignity and respect. I’m luckier than most and grateful to Chris.

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