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Review: Adam Lambert grew mature on dance floor - in CZ & EN (@iReport)

Source: http://www.ireport.cz/recenze/21018-recenze-adam-lambert-na-tanecnim-parketu-dospel.html

Review: Adam Lambert grew mature on dance floor

The owner of one of the biggest vocal range, proud member of LGBT community and the only worthy successor to Freddie Mercury - that all is Adam Lambert, who is coming with his third album in row. The Original High is - despite big inclination to dance music – his most matured album.

Adam Lambert – The Original High
Warner Music – 11 tracks / 40:42 min

Tracklist: Ghost Town, The Original High, Another Lonely Night, Underground, There I Said It, Rumors, Evil In The Night, Lucy, Things I didn't Say, The Light, Heavy Fire

Listening the new by Adam Lambert it almost seems as if the previous albums For Your Entertainment and Trespassing were just undeveloped embryos. Hasty attempts to create perfect hit machine. But there is a hidden indication in the title The Original High itself which says what direction takes Lambert’s production this time. Loosing finalist of American Idol 2009 stays still a party boy who - within dance-pop genre - longs for originality though. Opening Ghost Town - witch after guitar beginning turns into house beating - is still based on an easy plan tune but with the first tones of the next (track) The Original High album becomes alive and starts to show its music advanced level. As a product it will serve functionally not just as an item of club DJs’ repertoire but also as meaningful music whole for discerning listeners of dance pop music.

(Link to review: Live: Queen in Prague - thanks to Adam Lambert - created an illusion that Freddie Mercury is still among us)

One year long work in Swedish Stockholm with well-known producer aces max Martin and Shellback has paid off. The sound is really first-class – it should be called nearly luxurious. It could be compared for example to the wardrobe full of spring collection of Calvin Klein.
While magical hands of both of the Swedish - who place on world pop pedestal a row of today’s stars (P!nk, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift or Maroon 5) – are doing their job on best marks level, Lambert is changing all his voice pitches included the higher ones where is possible to mistake him easily for example for Tina Turner. His voice display is the proof of non-wasting of his unbelievable singing gift - and on the contrary he takes care of it with maximal responsibility.

Among the bests belong such hits as There I Said and Lucy, which becomes a sister of Jenny by Falco and Little Susie by Michael Jackson, especially thanks to electric guitar played by nobody lesser than Brian May from Queen – Lambert was on a big tour with them recently. They stopped even in Czechia (short term for Czech Republic) in February.

Although songs from deluxe edition could stay easily unreleased in Lambert’s pocket already that is not changing the fact that The Original High is outstanding in today’s pop by its ambitions to do dance music still the straightforward and mainstream way but also of quality and artfully. Days on tour with legendary Queen bore its fruit. And there are right eleven fruits and they taste sweet.

Best tracks: Another Lonely Night, There I Said, Lucy
Try also: Seal – System, Avicii – True, Blue – Roulette

Written by Filip Pešta
Evaluation: 5/7

(Sorry for all the mistakes if there are some – I did my best @DrakulkaCZ)

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