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8th Jul 2015 from TwitLonger

I'm sorry for my word choice, my intention was to be concise and to the point. I'm still standing by them and reiterating them so hopefully my sentiments are better understood. You have all my empathy for what has happened and I in no way condoned any aggressive emails sent to you. I want it to be clear that I made no accusations of you or PFX being racist, which is why I refuse to take the fall for these people's behavior. I was not involved in it, and I do not support them.

My aim this entire time was to make sure that my intentions for this product were finally heard and no longer ignored. Like I mentioned previously I have no ill will nor suspicions towards you or PFX at this time. During June, prior to Anime Expo, Anders had been requesting that I send our design to him, leading us to believe that it was still being used. When the design revealed wasn't the one we sent to him and the TV producers, and rather the design we had requested to see more than once prior to the event for our own approval, we believed that somewhere along the line we were being conned. Our work was being used, but the obligations made to us were not being kept.

To be completely transparent I was personally offended that your response to me was so brief when I had really put effort into the letter I had written, but I understand that you are probably tired of this situation and I admit that I did not handle as well as it could've been on my end either. I have been having personal issues dating before this all began and I prioritized handling them over this situation. I could have dedicated more time into trying to keep the fire from the fandom down low, but I didn't because I wanted to focus on my mental health and avoid as much stress as possible. I fully admit to the fact that I could have better counteracted any aggression you faced, but didn't do so and for which you do have my apology.

Alston Wolfgang Stover

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