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7th Jul 2015 from TwitLonger


I have never slandered PowerFX or Bil, and I will not apologize for actions I have not committed. I am also not responsible for the actions of other people who took their own initiatives with misconstrued information. I am sorry how this situation has occurred and that you are at the receiving end of its problems, but I am not accepting responsibility for actions I did not promote. These people, while well-intentioned, acted with assumptions that I did not create.

That being said I have no qualms with PFX or Bil, all of my issues have been with Anders since the beginning of this whole dilemma. He has been manipulative, intentionally withholding information and leaving issues unaddressed to lead me and my partner, Misha, on. If you have not seen the designs that we have created and sent Anders several times, then he has done the same to you as well. Honestly I believe if that we had been in direct contact instead, this whole issue would have been avoided. I never considered Anders to be the main producer for Ruby, since I am the one who began her development and did the vast majority of it as well. This is why having my input in the design has been a major requirement since the beginning of this project, and Anders was well aware of this.

I still wish for the design that we have developed for the past 17 months to be used for Ruby, because that was the assumption that Anders led us to believe would happen. We began the project believing that we would have full control over the design, and when Anders told us that PFX had created another, we were led to believe there would be some sort of compromise between the two.

The reason why the fandom reaction has been so volatile is because initial concept arts that we had created for Ruby were revealed when her first sample was made public in September 2014. This created major expectations which the design revealed at AX last week did not meet, hence the "whitewashing" accusations from fans.

I hope everything gets resolved soon and as neat as possible.

Alston Wolfgang Stover (Prince Syo)

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