@stealthmunk simplified formal offer:
$100k buy in PLO $100-$200 freezeout
If you win, you get $100k IF you can get your body fat percentage under 22% within one year
If you lose, you have one year to get your body fat percentage under 22% and you get your $100k back
No other conditions. If you lose the weight you either win $100k or break even. You cannot lose a penny. If you don't lose the weight you will either break even or lose $100k.
I can play Aug 11-15 and will agree to 6 hour sessions (longer if we both agree) and play daily until one of us wins.
So if you get in shape in one year after completion this is a $100k freeroll for you. No yoga, no ChoiceCenter, you do it however you decide is best for you.

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