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27th Jun 2015 from TwitLonger

A comment about the recent CW changes

I want to explain to the community, why the recent roster changes should be taken with a grain of salt, look beyond a potentially stronger roster and focus on what caused the team to collapse.

If we go back in time a bit to the end of the summer split in 2014, CW had just hit rock bottom. They finished in last place and nothing seemed to work. I talked with Airwaks and concluded that he regained his motivation and would be the right person to send in the promotion match against H2K. For the first time, the team was able to breathe. There was finally enough time to prepare for our opponent, fix our issues and build up the synergy the team had been missing for so long. I helped the team prepare and they ended up smashing everyone’s expectations by defeating H2K with a solid 3:0 performance.

I decided afterwards to pursue new options, which lead me to ROCCAT with Woolite, but the other 4 players had an uncertain fate. They went into relegations fully knowing there is a strong chance, that the entire lineup will get replaced, even if they prove their own organisation wrong and win their series. When I learned, that they would rather quit the team and lose their jobs, then have the team taken apart, I couldn’t help but to admire their team spirit. Youngbuck united the team and it takes a lot guts to stick your neck out even for new members like Soren. A career in esports can be short and risky after all.

The final result was the roster staying, but the relationship between the players and the organisation was heavily damaged. In the spring split Dentist joined as their coach and he did a strong job at protecting the players and dealing with the issues, they had to face. As far as I can tell, after their loss in playoffs, ambition ended up taking over. Several players on the team knew they were held on a short leash and would likely be replaced, if the team didn’t perform to the newfound expectations. Questionable actions from their coach worsened the situation and they were left with an atmosphere of distrust and fear.

Three players left, because they couldn’t perform under these conditions anymore and a team that was once willing to take a bullet for each other was long gone. I don’t blame anyone for wanting a team that brings in stronger results, though it pains me to see, how the players were treated and the horrible conditions, which lead to the total collapse of this team. I believe that the accountable people should be facing the responsibility of the situation they caused.

I wish the best of luck to my former teammates, even the hard times we faced were enjoyable and I will remember them well.

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