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23rd Jun 2015 from TwitLonger

Update about my career


I want to give an update about my career.

Since the incident about Dentist/Deficio/Riot (during 1st week of lcs) the atmosphere in the team has been horrible but I kept tryharding and tried to bring wins for CW while hoping to see improvement in the team atmosphere but sadly it got worse everyday, I started to lose my will to keep playing with the team. For these reasons I shared with the team my desire to leave and asked them to find a replacement. I hope to have the chance to get back in the scene and wish best of luck to my old teammates.

Thanks to my fans for the support, and a special thanks for Youngbuck and Unlimited for giving me the opportunity to join LCS 1 year ago, and I want to add that Youngbuck doesn't deserve the hate he gets, he is a really good friend, teammate and brings a lot for a team, he is a true captain.

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