I was having a conversation on The Faced Books about Tale of Tales and its recent post in which it said Sunset flopped and decided to close its doors as a result.

You can read that here - http://tale-of-tales.com/Sunset/blog/index.php/and-the-sun-sets/

Right now, there's a ton of musing on Twitter about it, a lot of blame being bandied about (not by ToT itself, in fairness) and a lot of discussion on what indies ought to be.

A lot of it reeks of gatekeeping and aloofness, to be honest. Anyway, here's what I said on The Faced Books. It's nothing particularly long or provocative, but whatever. Felt like saying it here too...

I'm always surprised by the amount of zero-sum gaming that goes on with stories like this, and the suggestion that certain games ought to have a guaranteed right to coverage, support, sales etc. just by virtue of being the sort of games the arguer likes most.

Not to mention the elitism it can encourage, too. After all, if you didn't support Tale of Tales, you're oooooobviously all about the lowest common denominator, and you're an idiot.

Sometimes games just fail to capture enough interest from the audience, even with plenty of support and critical acclaim. Tale of Tales tried hard with PR, targeted ads, and all that shit, and Sunset failed. ToT says it was "wrong" to have pursued those attempts at garnering support. I'd disagree there - they weren't "wrong" to do any of that, they were just unfortunate. The public wasn't picking up what it had put down.

That happens sometimes. To big budget games and indies alike. Even really good ones.

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