Ram Djemal · @brokenshard

19th Jun 2015 from TwitLonger

Dig EU update

So! I said I would write a small update but got lazy so.. Here it is.

Froskurrin will no longer be our official analyst. It was a mutual decision due to the fact that we have a much more intense schedule due to being in EUCS and that she now has more pressing responsibilities in her career as the best looking LPL shoutcaster. Honestly everyone at Dig EU is sad to see her go but we know she'll always be there to help and that she will absolutely kill it at her new job.

We will be picking up a new analyst in the next few days to help myself and Magnus in keeping the team at the highest possible level of competition to dominate the EUCS.

Thanks everyone for their continued support of the team and we hope to do you proud.

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