Final Predictions for #Gamergate

Before some people run off and stir stupid stuff; I am leaving because it is in #Gamergate's best interest that I do so.

You know what needs to be done. You know how to hold people accountable. You should know how to stay on point by now. Focus on what is important; cut the stupid stuff. Keep moving forward. You have big support now. Make sure they're not run off.

Try to keep things to those that are either a) actionable or b) informative. Knowledge is power, actions speak louder than words. Don't forget to trust but verify. No one is in charge of anyone else here, #gamergate. You fight side by side, like Spartans or Musketeers. Don't focus on petty grievances.

If you see a clear win condition on something? Take it. Think first, act SECOND. Don't be so kneejerk about everything. Devs & gamers? Don't forget about each other. You're in this together. You share a beneficial symbiotic relationship. Fight for each other.

#Gamergate does have a clear cut, very plain to see win. It just takes time to get there. You will win. I promise you this. If I didn't believe that the win was possible, I wouldn't be walking away. But me walking away IS part of the next step of progress. I will tell you my final predictions. Please listen closely.

Your opposition, after this week, will begin moving into full Panic Mode. I don't know how long it will take, but you will see it. You've had enough simultaneous happenings in both GG, AND outside events that they are going to start acting incredibly rash (you've seen). Enough major people are speaking on the subject that you are going to see lots of backpedaling (again, see FemFreq/Josh deleting tweets etc). Your opposition does NOT like being on the defensive; you will begin to see the hydra decapitations that we've been expecting to happen.Your opposition will begin making efforts to pick off notable individuals one by one w/ character assassination. They WILL hit bad targets. Those bad targets being hit is not only expected, it's to your advantage. Again, it will illustrate your argument for you.

You've got a ton of major releases coming down this year, the kind of stuff that Antis love to cling to in order to ride a media wave. This means you CAN predict happenings; follow the major game release schedules. If it's a game that doesn't bow to their ideology and/or sensibilities, they will complain about it. You know this by now. Use it. You will see happenings within days of them.

Deepfreeze is one of your greatest weapons. They fear it, DEEPLY. Hold each other accountable, but don't murder each other in the process. Don't forget to utilize your legal resources if and where applicable. IRS, FTC, etc. They are funded by your tax dollars. Put them to work.

Get back on Ops; they are sorely needed, and you guys consistently move mountains when they go down. Remember to take breaks to avoid burn-out; stay away from weekend drama. Go play. You've made it through the biggest and hardest part of the marathon; that was getting regular people to speak up. And now they are.

Also, don't fall for obvious bait. Y'all know the kind. Your opponent's excessive pride is their weakness.Be mindful of how you present information, etc; how you are perceived does matter, whether you like it or not. That's just human nature. More flies with honey, and all that business. I said this many months back; the only thing that can cause #gamergate to lose, is #gamergate itself.

That still rings true today.

I will be in the background, lurking the usual places. KiA, /v/, etc. You just won't see me anymore. If something big enough happens that I absolutely must comment, I will.

Keep fighting the good fight.

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