Stepping Down

Hey everyone! I've stepped down from my Head Coach position at Winterfox and moved back to UT. As explained in the statement detailing our staff change, I'm leaving due to personal reasons. In short, I would like to thank everyone who I was involved with that made me feel like an important part of the community. Namely Brian, Ryan, Gabe, Jake, Davis, Boomy, Samy, Sarah, Oisín, Will, The WFX Staff chat (you know who you are) and of course, my players during the LCS and CS. A special thank you to everyone at Riot for making sure we were well accommodated every weekend, and last but not least, the WFX fans. Thank you all for being supportive of me as a coach, and supportive of the team as we climb back into the LCS! Hopefully I can continue to be welcomed in the community as I continue my work behind the scenes. So rather than say goodbye, I'll see you soon!

Much love,


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