#WeLoveGameDevs: The Pre-#Gamergate Collusion Attempt

The hour grows late. And since we all have everyone's attention, I want to talk about a lead I was given, and I had a few people research. There was something that was missed approximately 9 months ago. I didn't know about it, because I wasn't active in #gamergate yet. Turn your attention to #WeLoveGameDevs: This was the first attempt to cover-up, before the Gamers are dead articles that would spawn GG itself.


If you take a look at #WeLoveGameDevs, it was a hashtag started by journalists that was then turfed into a story. #WeLoveGameDevs started up in August when people were so angry that many just... kind of missed it. There's your collusive proof. Gamers are dead was not the first attempt to cover up the ZoePost incident. It was the second.

Indepth research was already done, saved and archived. For your perusal:


If you take a look, almost ALL the same players involved in Gamers are Over articles were part of WLGD. And if you dig into the info? They say that they ARE trying to cover up the ZoePost incident, etc with WeLoveGameDevs. It failed. Do you understand what's happening with WLGD? They CREATED a story, not reported on one. And it's right there.

You want to know who tipped me and my researchers off to WeLoveGameDevs?

A journalist did. You have friends in places.

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