Why the GOP Establishment FEARS Rick Santorum

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The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell
msnbc 5/6/15

Rick Santorum to enter 2016 race on May 27 Transcript:

Lawrence O’Donnell: “No Republican presidential candidate was more effective or relentless at attacking the Republican frontrunner than Rick Santorum was.” …

“Anne Gearan, that’s been kind of a version of my theory about this that the more of these guys who jump in down there in the single digit range in the polls on the right wing of the party are all helpful to Jeb Bush ultimately BUT this one has to worry Jeb Bush when they look at just how hard he hit at Mitt Romney.”

Anne Gearan : “Well, sure, I mean Santorum’s record of being a dragonslayer is something that’s got to be very worrisome to Jeb Bush, I mean and at the moment it’s probably worrisome to Scott Walker and a bunch of other people who, you know are, we would have been considered a month or two ago to be in the second tier of the rankings.” ……………………

David Frum: “You know, Lawrence, your part did not show, and this is an important part of what made Santorum appealing, is he was the one Republican last time who talked about something other than an agenda focused on entrepreneurs and business owners. He did that too, and it was a key part of his appeal. “

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