thoughts on this weekend

thought i'd make a quick (dunno how long this will be) post on my perspective and how things are going - first of all subbing for TDK again was a complete curveball & we had a day's notice. the org was told that visas would be complete in time but then passport issues came up apparently and the players couldn't get back to the states in time. that's about as much as i know, i'm sure not alot of people will read/care about that but i'm just really tired of people blaming TDK's management. i think an official post will be released tomorrow or something.

first game vs TIP was pretty bad.. we had no pregame plan going in and it really showed right off the bat in our first two picks. lost laning phase across the map and bled out in a quick and boring fashion. fortunately we went into today's match vs TSM feeling much more determined to make it a competitive game while having a bit of fun and consequently picked a pretty dank yasuo / malphite support comp. of course we ended up losing again, but i'm glad the game provided more beneficial onstage experience than the first. despite our losses, overall the subbing experience with TDK has been massive for me as a player and i still am so freaking grateful for it.. a bit of a better performance in a couple of the games (NME, TIP) from me would have felt much more satisfying but MEH. glad enough i was able to get through a majority of the laning phases going even while getting leads here n there

now i'm looking to make a team / get on a serious one ASAP while grinding the hell out of solo queue (expect long streams to start on tuesday, busy w/ other stuff until then). the LCS experience was great but i have alot to prove to people in the challenger scene..

i think that's pretty much it. thank you guys so much for the support and just for caring, especially if you read through all that.. if any of you have questions/suggestions shoot me a tweet or something. hope you have a nice day ^^

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