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Spanish offer of citizenship for Sephardim

Apparently, Zionists did not like that Muslims have complained about the law that yesterday the Spanish Congress of Deputies took about granting citizenship to the Sephardim.

Here a text

So I would like to take an opinion about this, not as pro-Palestinian in this case, but as a Spanish.
As for my views on the “article” is just absolutely disgusting bringing Israel-Palestinian conflict on every Muslim/Jewish issue. This has nothing to with that.
As for “waqf”
Waqf, in the the Arabic language, means to stop, contain, or preserve.
In Islamic terms, waqf refers to a religious endowment i.e a voluntary an irrevocable dedication of one’s wealth or a portion of it – in cash or kind (such as a house or a garden) and it’s disbursement for shariah compliant projects (such as mosques or religious schools...)
In Ottoman Turkish law, and later under the British Mandate of Palestine, the waqf was defined as usufruct State land (or property) of which the State revenues are assured to pious foundations. Nothing about Spain.
Has been told many times: Muslims , following the teachings of the Koran , believed that Christians and Jews as a " people of the Book " , not to be forcibly converted to Islam nor killed.

Jihad is always translated, specially by those with aversion to Islam a.k.a Islamophobes, as war. Actually, jihad means effort. The effort to be a good Muslim that has nothing to do with killing, forbidden in the Koran. It’s true jihad is also war, but to carry out that kind of war requires to be applied under certain conditions and rules, as happens with waqf.

Stating the arriving of Muslims to the Peninsula as occupation comming from a “Jew” is ,in fact, ridiculous. Actually, Jews were liberated from the persecution they suffered from Catholics and Visigoths.

2004 Madrid train bombings was carried out by Al-Qaeda. As many know, Al-Qaeda was made by U.S.A. When this happened hundreds of Muslim went on demonstrations on the streets to condemn it, exactly as we have seen demonstrations against ISIS or Charlie Hebdo attacks.

Muslims are not planning to take over any party of Spain, because those who claim that aren’t.

Not need to say that law has to be applied for all and equally as Jews are not better than Muslims or Muslims better than Jews. Same rights for all.

The purpose of this law is to "fix" the injustice that in the past the Catholics committed against the Jewish population. Population that was forced to convert.
Honestly, I’m all for this, but at the same point I believe that if the purpose is to fix injustices. Then Moors descendants, also forced to convert, have the same rights as Jews.

I saw a comment on Twitter regarding to the article below stating: “The real difference is that Jews lived in Iberia before Muslim occupation. They were locals who were expelled” *Notice, how he says occupation.

Yes, Jews lived before Muslims here. What he calls occupation in Spanish History books it’s taught as Muslim Conquest and sometimes invasion. So for over 800 years Muslims lived in the Peninsula what makes them locals too.

As I said, for Jews, the Muslim Conquest of the Iberian Peninsula in 711 meant the end of the persecution they had been subjected by the Visigoths monarchs and the Catholic Church. It has been proven that received them with open arms and collaborated with them in the custody of some cities, such as Cordoba , Seville or Granada . Also, after Jews were expelled they were very welcomed in Arab/Muslims lands. Lands were synagogues and cemeteries.

Some people would think it’s a mistake to grant them any special “status” as multiculturalism is something bad. In my opinion, having Muslim and Jewish heritage in Spain is what make it so special at all levels, Architecture, culture, history... Toledo is known as the city of the three cultures

Finally, I would like to add that there’s a privileged procedure for the acquisition of the Spanish nationality for countries that once belonged to Spain or where under it’s rule…So unlike what happens with locals of Latin American countries, Andorra, Philippines , Equatorial Guinea, Portugal or Sephardim; Saharawi people are not granted with this special condition, despite they have the same rights or even more.

As I said, if the intention is to fix injustices we must fix all… Which, unfortunately, are numerous.

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