[Trans] Jaejoong's 2nd letter to his sister

To Anna nuna~
Oh~ It's great to get a letter from you at 55th Infantry Division!
I've gained 9kg and I've been watching my weight because I also feel that it may be dangerous to gain more weight~ But I think 6kg of that 9kg I gained is muscle~
There is a merit to have our parents in Seoul, right? It's close~ and we can respond faster when they are sick and most of all, I think it is great that they are not as lonely~
How are you doing? I don't worry about you! Because you always take good care of yourself~!

To. 안나누나~
오우~ 55사단에서 다시 누나 편지 받아서 좋은데? 살은 9kg 쪄서 나도 더 찌면 위험할 것 같아서 잘 조절하고 있어~ 근데 9kg 중에 6kg은 근육으로 찐듯~ 부모님이 서울에 계셔서 아주 좋은 점이 있지? 가깝고~ 혹시 아프셔도 금방 대처할수있고 일단 외로워 하지 않으시니까 그것만큼 좋은게 없는거같아~ 누나는 무슨 문제는 없지? 난 누나는 걱정안돼! 워낙 잘 하니까~!

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