On #MarriedatFirstSight

I have loved being a part of Married of at Sight. I have loved the interactions with our participants and the thoughtful commentary from our viewers. The extraordinary nature of this experience and what it elicits in viewers is what makes it so compelling. However, what is clear is that with success comes conspiracy theory, gossip, and rumor, even from so-called “insiders.â€

Our process is legitimate and rigorous with psych evaluations, background checks, questionnaires, interviews, and a multitude of assessments of different varieties. I feel terribly that any of you have been led to think otherwise.

As for marital success, while we want all of our couples to work out, there is no guarantee. No one has ever said that this was easy. If relationships and marriages were easy, we would have no participants.

What is sad, to me, is that unfounded and inaccurate stories about our experiment undermine the emotional and physical work of so many people involved, our participants included. That being said, I understand that some of our participants may be unhappy with how things transpired for them. But all of us involved entered into MAFS with the best of intentions and with a hope and a belief that we were a part of something special. I still believe that.

I hope that all of our participants (season one and two) have been transformed by their participation and have learned lifelong lessons. And of course, I wish everyone nothing but the best.


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