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10th Jun 2015 from TwitLonger

Skyfire CoD Team Changes

Below is a statement from the Skyfire Call of Duty team in regards to the roster change from original league qualifying team and change of organisations from “4Nothing” to “Skyfire.”

Originally we qualified for the ACLPro COD League under organisation “4Nothing.” Unfortunately the organisation known as 4N didn’t exactly live up to expectations or promises delivered to our team and left us in some pretty abysmal situations and no responses.

The rules do NOT state that the position in the league belongs to “organisation,” but rather “Captain” of the team that originally qualified. With the departure of Wanted from the team, Flarez, Nimble & Carry were left. Flarez and Nimble decided that Carry was not fitting with the team as he originally was, and after many talks to try and rectify the issue (and it hadn’t been done still), they elected to NOT play with him as a CORE part of their team.

However, sticking to the rules they have to submit 4 core members and 2 substitute members for the League, and have had to submit the 4 core as the original roster that qualified (Wanted, Flarez, Nimble & Carry), and submit 2 substitutes (Rival & Bundo). However with Wanted leaving the team, he (sticking to the rules) will be placed as a substitute alongside Carry, with Rival & Bundo being promoted to CORE members for the remaining of the League season.

With that being said, rules do NOT stipulate that teams CANNOT change name, organisation or any form of branding, and with the poor support from 4N, the team elected to find a new home in the form of Skyfire. Yes, “4N” defeated “SKF” in the FFYI hosted to gain entry into this competition, but Bundo & Rival were NOT a part of that “SKF” team at all they defeated as some people are led to believe based on false information.

To sum it all up quickly for those that would rather not read a wall of text:

Roster change has been made in accordance with official rules;
Wanted has left team.
Carry did not fit and has been removed from core.
Wanted & Carry placed as substitutes.
Bundo & Rival placed as core members.
Team has left 4Nothing organisation.
Team has joined Skyfire organisation.

Skyfire Call of Duty ACL Pro League team henceforth will have the roster consisting of;

Flarez (C), Nimble, Rival, Bundo

We hope you respect our decision.

Kind regards,
Skyfire Call of Duty Division

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