Okay so here is the call out you've all been waiting for. I'll be at collision, sktar, smash con, and apex...so when you have my money, make sure to go to one of those. Also, I do believe none of these fraud players are good/need to get exposed...some for shit talking, and others for thinking they’re good when they aren’t. Happy reading.

So I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. I’ve realized that I’ve been a part of this community since I was 13, and although I was good when I was younger, I couldn't compete with the best of the best, because my thought process wasn't as complex as theirs. Now that I'm actually older, and I'm playing this game from the start, I’ve improved exponentially, and it’s all due to hard work. I don't want to call these players out just to start problems (some of them are easy money, don't get me wrong). Some players have had success in smash 4 because of customs, jank, or characters doing all the work for them. The first two scrubs are jtails and dkwill. The other week I went and did a 3v3 tourney with tweek and Mr e, and we demolished dabuz, will and jtails. Then as soon as dabuz goes olimar, it became a lot harder. Sure we made mistakes, but this only goes to show that jtails and will made no difference. Jtails isn't even good. He literally picked the best character first before anyone else did, which is why he seemed good. He got exposed like dog nuts the second Keitaro beat him. After diddy got nerfed, he literally fell off the map. If I play him in tourney, that's dead ass a bye for me. And if you think my diddy fell off the map, the week after diddy got nerfed, I took a set off of nairo (granted he still won the tourney, ggwp). As for will, I won't lie...I was a huge fan. I was there rooting for you when you beat mikehaze (horrible MU for him, but still). In smash 4, you beat players you have no chance of beating without customs. I actually thought you didn't pick up smash 4 before customs were allowed. You brainlessly just mash up b to get you out of every situation. I'd put double anything you put (so if you bet 200, I'll bet 400) that you wouldn't beat me in a mm with no customs. You wouldn't even come close to beating Corey, dill or myself. The thing that irks me the most, is that you both think you're good when you're both frauds. You don't play this game on the level top players play at. Your character just gave you a head start before he got nerfed, and as for will, your character allows you to be brain dead and still win. You're both actually just really good fucking noobs. So once again, jtails, I'll mm you for any amount over 100, and you won't win. You've never beaten me in a mm in brawl or pm. This won’t be any different, get exposed. And for will, I'll mm your dk with no customs, to show you how dependent you are, and to show you how free you are in this game. Get exposed.

Next on the list is Florida. You're all frauds in case you didn't hear (I know seibrik heard that with them ears, get rekt). You all think you're hot shit. I guess the first fraud is nick riddle. Honestly, you'd be unknown if it weren't for your brother. The fact that you tag along and get high seeding at national’s becuase you stand in his shadow is depressing. I straight up pity you. You always get a free ride to just about where you play an actual good player, and then lose like anyone would expect. If your brother wasn't good, no one would know who you are, because face it, you're pretty much his bitch. You're like a more cancerous version of him because you suck but still talk shit. I pray you accept a mm for over 100. You'd literally end up like bengalz.

MVD, you're the least fraudulent, but somehow the most fraudulent. You were good in brawl, blah blah blah. In smash 4, idk wtf happened. I don't know how no one has said anything. Sure you placed high at Apex, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks it’s because you played a character no one knew what to expect from. After people figured dhd out a bit, you started getting away with less fraudulence. I saw your diddy play at Texas, and it was so dumb. You literally don't know how to play smash I’ve concluded (like you don’t know how to properly put pressure on your opponent. Only thing you put pressure on is your scale when you step on it). I'll mm you for any amount, go whoever you want, just to show people how free you are. Stop thinking your good because you beat people with a character that they’ve never seen before. Fuck you lol. Gimme your money so you don't spend it on food.

Aerolink, honestly.... I know you probably flexed your placings at apex after the weekend. You literally got a free ride to that spot. I don't really wanna mm you as much as I want you to get on a stream and say

"I aerolink am a fucking fruad, I'm not even good at smash. Actually I am, you may remember me from brawl, I mained 33rd place at every tournament I went to. Also, I'm sorry to all my fans that I look like a Muppet"

I'll gladly also mm you though. Customs because you probably are less viable without them. No customs if you’re up for it, basically still you giving money to me. Get exposed.

Vinnie, aisle 12. Get exposed.

Xzax, you're literally walking talking trash. Basically you were an unknown in brawl till you told people vex was your cousin, then you got sponsored (vex pulled some strings to get you sponsored.) by CT. The hype CT had for them at the time really made you think you were good. In brawl I'd beat your Mk any day, and your falco was a joke. Could probably beat it with the whole roster. In smash 4, I talked mad shit to you, and when you came to apex, you literally avoided the mm. You couldn't afford to mm me you babbled. If you're going to talk shit. Put the money up, and don't bitch out. Get exposed.

K9, I honestly don't think you're good. I'm sure the whole community shares this thought with me. Stay never getting pussy because you'll never be the king of smash lol. Virgin mobile first class sitting right next to aisle 12. You tier whore and suck at it (How?!?!?). Get exposed. Will mm for whatever you can scrape selling weed with xzax. And you're brother, I'll fuck him up in a mm too if he wants the sauce.

Fow, I only wanted to let you know your stream is whack as shit. I know it’s meant for bad players, and you're supposed to be teaching them, but they aren't learning ....so obviously you suck at smash / and at explaining how this game works. I'll mm you just to turn your stream off. Go outside. You look like you should be surfing or some shit. Get exposed.

Myran. Thanks for the $50. I know we haven't played yet, but just giving you the heads up. Just thought I'd tell you you're trash if you lose to random custom dk's on WiFi. If you can’t beat those scrubs, you won't get close to beating will or any of the actual good players who don't need customs to do well. You seem like a real boyscout, so I don't wanna be foul. Just thanks for agreeing to mm. You effectively just threw your money at me. Also, you shouldn't be losing to villager if you had an ounce of patience. Sucks to suck. Get exposed.

Ps, stop begging people on facebook to tell you how to improve. Catch your own habbits.

Boss, you're bad. I only heard you thought you were good cuz your region is free. Being "good" In a bad region just makes you bad. You, seagull Joe, and logic can all mm me for 100. PS, including you and all the players in your region, your region is free, so I guess you're right about your region being free. Also congrats on losing to poyo. Good shit I just came, lul. Get exposed.

Seagull, you’re ugly. Start a donation drive after you lose to me in a mm.

Bengalz. I hope we are still playing for a 1000. I know you can't beat my nerfed diddy. Maybe you'll land more than one hit game one next time we play. Get exposed. I'd also like to say you're a fool. You are the first person I’ve meet that legitimately thinks they're good when they suck. Thank god your stupidity puts money in my pocket. Can't wait to see you all depressed again after I tombstone you. Also, no more of that twenty shit. I want all one hundred dollar bills.

All these players are people who either suck and think they're good, or suck, but do well because they main sheik (Vinnie, k9, xzax) or dk.  The latter really is why I made this post. Because I’ve worked hard to get to my level, and these scrubs just choose the easy way out. Get exposed.

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