Ray McDonald's attorney, Steve Defilippis, told me via text message that the accuser in the case stemming from McDonald's arrest Monday morning is McDonald's former fiance, who was the alleged victim when McDonald was arrested last August. While police investigating the case said McDonald's fiance at the time showed visible injuries, no charges were filed. Defilippis has indicated he's still gathering and confirming information on what exactly occurred in this most recent incident at this time. Earlier today Defillipis told me this: "I wish I knew more. All I can tell you is that everybody you talk to that knows Ray (McDonald) tells you that Ray's not a violent guy, and the accusation that he's getting violent with this woman, you know it's the second time that she's made such an allegation. The first time certainly did not pan out. I'm suspicious of it to begin with here. There's some issues about custody and about child support. All those things are currently in the process of being worked out. This may be, who knows. I'd be guessing and speculating, but I've got suspicions at this point. Knowing Ray, I don't see him as somebody that would be doing this type of thing."

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