BREAKING NEWS: Chargers, Raiders hire Carmen Policy to shepherd Carson project

Here's my story on the move, the last in an eventful say for Chargers, starting with SD Task force report, followed by Chargers head Dean Spanos promoting his sons, and now this

The San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders hired Carmen Policy to oversee the potential football stadium project the two teams will share in Carson, Calif. The development comes on the heels of San Diego unveiling a stadium proposal designed to keep the Chargers in town.
The Chargers have said they will focus on both the San Diego and Carson opportunities.
“I think the NFL will put this on the fast track,” Policy said of the 168 acre Carson project.Policy, who had senior roles with the 49ers and Browns and has been out of the NFL for over a decade, described his role as part political, and part overseeing the business of the new project.
Asked how his hiring might be interpreted in San Diego, he declined to comment, saying one of his conditions for the job was he would not talk about other markets.
By the end of the week the 168 acres will be deeded to the teams and a city entity, he said.
Questioned if he was being brought in to better communicate with the NFL leadership on behalf of the Chargers and Raiders, Policy said that he did not believe that was the reason, but more it was time for the project to have a singular voice.
In 1995 as a 49ers executive he was on an owner committee seeking to develop the Hollywood Park site for the Raiders. That effort failed. Ironically, the competing LA project to Carson is one being spearheaded by the st. Louis Rams at Hollywood Park.
Policy’s title is director Carson Holdings LLC.
Since leaving the NFL, Policy’s main occupation has been his winery in Napa.
“It’s exciting to bring me back to the NFL environment,” he said. “My goal is to make sure Carson is presented in the best possible light and put the two teams in a position to be in total compliance with the league.”
The NFL league meetings starting today in San Francisco will have a heavy emphasis on LA. The Chargers and Raiders are each negotiating in their home markets while also working the Carson land, keeping their options open. The Rams owner, Stan Kroenke, has disengaged from the effort in St. Louis to build a stadium, and is focused on his proposed stadium site in LA. Any new stadium and relocation would need NFL owner approval.

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