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[Guilty Until Proven Innocent] a.k.a [Randi Harper is a Fucking Liar]

I like to consider myself a decent writer when it comes to rants and such. However, my emotional state is pretty much feels like my mind was in a car accident, then blown up by an atom bomb, then dragged in the mud until it was then tossed on a cliff. Needless to say, I’m not all here emotionally right now, and this post might seem a bit jumbled in thoughts. It definitely won’t be my best post.

This will probably be my last rant for quite some time. After this, I plan on taking a break from social media for a long time. I don’t even know if I’ll be back or not… I just feel I need to get this out there before I go dark for who knows how long.

Randi Harper is a liar.

If only saying things like that were so simple. I wish people would believe me. Well, people do. One side does. Another doesn’t. It’s incredible how we live in a new age where someone can just say something, and people just believe at the drop of a hat without a shred of evidence… without any proof what-so-ever.


November 27th, 2014, Randi Harper/@freebsdgirl attacked a person she claimed was a sock puppet. It was later found that, of course, it wasn’t true. She drove this person to tears and made them delete their twitter account. All you have to do is Google Search: “You made your gamergate bed. Now get fucked in it.”

When I found out about this, I was upset that this person, who claims they’re against harassment and hate, turned around and did it to another person. Out of anger, I posted a link to her ED article the next day, November 28th. That was the first time I had ever made a post towards Harper at all. To my surprised, she started messaging me on Twitter. I was surprised because I had been on her GGAutoBlocker for being, well, pro-GamerGate.

She tried to spin herself as completely innocent and didn’t harass anybody, like I hadn’t seen what people were saying about her for the last few months before that. Of course I wasn’t buying it. You can find all this simply searching Twitter. I have archive links of the posts which I will provide at the bottom.

After that, a few people claiming to have known me came to her to tell her all these horrible things about me. The biggest one of them all was someone that goes under the handle “Sha of Happiness.” She claimed that I was stalking her. Of course that wasn’t fucking true…

I knew about Sha of Happiness as a twitter personality back when WoW was releasing a new expansion. She was someone funny and fun to follow. January of 2013, Blizzard announced they were holding an art gallery event for a new book they were releasing at Gallery Nucleus. I tweeted I would be there, and so did she. I said that was awesome. That was pretty much it from there. (Note: The tweets were made in 2013. I have requested an archive of my old tweets and will post the tweets we sent each other back and forth after I get it.)

I got to the show, was walking around in my moonkin hoodie, when I started talking to a developer there. She walked up to me, tapped me on the arm, and showed me a picture of “Sha of Happiness” on her tablet. To which I went, “Oh hey! It’s nice to meet you! Give me a second!” I was in the middle of talking to someone after all. She walked away.


I didn’t see her again after that until the StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm release party. My husband, son, and I had just parked in the parking garage by the mall it was being held at when I saw her walking towards the event as well. I waved at her and said hello, to which she gave me a death stare. I muttered to my husband, “Wow, that was… rude,” and never spoke of it again.

A few months later, she said she was interested in a Sha of Happiness hoodie, and had e-mailed me references to design it. I designed the hoodie, and it seemed like she was going to pay me for the creation, when she suddenly backed out of it. That upset me, and I let her know that was kinda shitty to do, especially after I had designed it. She got pissed off and took it to Twitter, to which I said she can e-mail me if she wants to fight about it.

I never spoke to or saw her again. Not fucking once. So for her to say she saw me at BlizzCon and it upset her … well… she might have seen me, but I never saw her. Who’s stalking who? I was getting stoned and drunk with Blizzard Devs the whole time. I have people that can vouch for me.

And of course, other past “friends” put in their two cents. Hestiadruid, who the only thing I remember about her was her going fucking crazy on twitter a lot. I honestly don’t know why we stopped talking. I never gave her a damn thought. Luftioom, who commissioned me for a tattoo, went nuts on me on twitter because, and I’m not kidding, I use the Glyph of Stars glyph in WoW, and that makes me “not a real moonkin.” Yes, she seriously stopped talking to me over a glyph. Another claimed that I had said something negative about the Trayvon Martin case… but the only negative thing I said about it was how much I hated Zimmerman. I was constantly tweeting my support for Trayvon and his family. So if he thinks I said anything against him, it’s a misunderstanding that he doesn’t plan on trying to fix.

And now, after all this, Randi Harper wants to get involved, claiming she saw me at BlizzCon and recognized me, despite her saying November 28th that she never spoke to me before.

I lost it. I lost my mind, because not an hour after she started this, I got the phone call that my grandmother had died unexpectedly. I was in shock and pain and grief… so I lost it. I called Harper a liar. I said I was going to get a lawyer. I couldn’t stop crying… And she took all those tweets, out of context of her attacking me, and made a Storify making it look like I was just tweeting it to tweet it.

People like PopeHat, someone I looked up to, are supporting Randi in all this. People are buying her lies. All those people that hated me over the years are grouping together to sabotage me, and they know they’re absolutely full of shit.

I’m in a dark place right now. I have never felt this depressed before… I’ve held the knife in my hand at least 6 times in the last few days…. but of course I’m too scared to end my life. I held my bottle of sleep aid… but only took two like I always do…

Each day I wake up and find more subtweeting about me is another day I inch closer and closer to just… making it all stop.

I truly wish I was dead.

So.. I’m breaking away from social media for a while… I dunno when I’ll be back.. if ever…

I never met Harper. I never stalked anyone. The only person I’ve ever been obsessed with is Stephen Merchant, and even then, everyone has their own celebrity they adore. That’s the truth.

Archive links:

Randi attacking on Nov 27th: http://i.imgur.com/Z8Sbyzu.png

My “response” on Nov 28th: https://twitter.com/mahoumelonball/status/538390352424497152

Conversations during Nov 28th: https://archive.is/CCAsn

Proof she didn’t know who I was: https://archive.is/4cK5u

Her storify: https://twitter.com/freebsdgirl/status/599823033423892482

Her attack before hand: https://twitter.com/freebsdgirl/status/599729743441735680 - https://twitter.com/freebsdgirl/status/599729975915216896 - https://twitter.com/freebsdgirl/status/599730172036665344

And my tweet that got her so upset about me again in the first place: https://twitter.com/mahoumelonball/status/598937298126778368

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