"We Are All Children of Mother Ukraine" or a Simple Mental Exercise

The following is an excerpt from the official school textbook, Grade 11 Ukrainian Language for Public Schools for "Ukrainian as Second Language" students. The photos of the textbook and of the text itself ( in Ukrainian) are available for curious minds and journalists.
All I ask you is to read it and change "Ukraine" to your country. Then tell me the time in history when this could take place in YOUR country.

We are all children of Ukraine.

We are all children of [insert your country ]
[Insert your country] Ukraine is our mother.
Nobody chooses their mothers.
But some in this country,
[ insert the minority vilified by your country's extreme right]
Malorossyians, though born in
[insert your country],
reject their own mother.
They pledge allegiance and want to serve another, strange, country.
Yes, this kind of folks is being born, grows up and lives between us and even "demands respect" to themselves.
Their hearts do not skip a bit when they betray their motherland.
Their are devoid of shame for their criminal behavior. They are devoid of the sense of gratitude they owe to our ancestors and to the future generations.
They don't feel pangs of guilty conscience when they embarrass the entire
[ insert your country ]
Ukrainian nation by their attitude.
If these creatures may seem to resemble our human race on a surface, in their essence they are degenerates, half-humans [!!!], even if they boast of science and post-graduate degrees.
[Insert your country ]
Ukrainian jails are ready and waiting for majority of them. Yes, our jails are ready and waiting to "welcome" them. Don't worry, the wait is almost over. Our jails will open their doors for
[ insert your vilified minorities]
to shut them in forever.
The [insert your country ] Ukrainian society will be finally cleansed from this filth,
this garbage,
from this disgrace.


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