On the clg/misfits fiasco & my future!

So with some words getting out there that I'm departing from the team and the whole stixxay mess with clg, I'll clear some of the things up for everyone that's curious about what happened with my own official announcement!

So what I can say for a fact is that I am indeed leaving misfits. This was not cause i think they aren't good, or that there was internal issues or there was arguments/conflicts within the team but it was because of things that were out of my control. Just to let everyone know, I LOVE misfits, the organization, the team and the players within it. Fantastic staff members, and everyone within the org. Nothing but love for misfits:) They treated me with care, helped play around my schedule and make time for when i was busy with school/needs/errands. And i'm not saying this because I left the team and want to make them sound good before I leave, but it's because I genuinely do think that and that they possess all the qualities/traits i just listed. !!

As to why I left, don't want to go too much into detail about it but I felt like I didn't really connect with the team in some ways that were out of my control. To keep it short, I didn't really mesh with the team in terms of gameplay sometimes, and I felt like me & yuno didn't sync as much as we'd like to. And just to be clear, Yuno(remillia) is a fantastic player and she brings so much to the team in terms of coms, smarts, game awareness, etc. I truly hope she makes it to the lcs with this team and her new ADC because she's a wonderful person with an appealing personality.

But that aside, this was something that was out of our control. We had a month & a half together to iron the issues out but sadly not everything ends with flowers & roses. But, I can live with that though and it's totally fine with me. We helped each other a lot and I am extremely confident that we will take what we learnt from each other and adapt it with our new teams! It takes time to find the synergy and finding the botlane and that's something I've learnt to understand as i play league more and more. Finding someone that you mesh is a more difficult task then people think !

As for my future, I do have some offers for some tryouts/positions on some teams that I look foward to. I am delighted to see what's in store for me as I hope to find a team that i fit right in with. I will keep you guys updated about it (if anyone cares LOL) when that time happens. But until then, I will strive to be the best ADC i can be.

As for stixxay and the whole mess, stixxay does have some offers from teams and misfits does happen to be one of them. As for the clgb/stixxay issue, what I'm certain of is that he definitely has interest in some of the other teams (not clgb). I'm not entirely sure about the hotshot/stixxay mess so I can't comment on that situation. But what i do know is he's a fantastic ADC and I'm sure he will find a team that he can enjoy playing on!

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