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Ninja/Aries Situation

Noble has in no way have tried to keep Tyler "Ninja" Blevins or Mason "Aries" Miller. The situation stands that both players signed contracts to play for the org for a specific amount of time.

After HCS Atlanta, Tyler came to Noble and asked to call himself a Free Agent but continue to stay on Noble in the instance that another org might pick him up. We agreed. We were approached by another org for a potential acquisition of them both. Noble requested the other org to make an offer. We received a message the day after that the org was not interested any longer.

We have tried to resolve this with all parties involved, but there seems to be an issue that does not concern us. We are more then willing to resolve all issues and have been the whole time. We can not release specifics, but have no ill will towards any parties involved and want nothing but the scene to grow.

Also, in the regards of contracts, when a player agrees to sign a contract it is legal and binding. If you do not want a contract then do not sign it, we do not force anyone to sign a contract. But be aware that in any contract, if you sign it you are making an agreement to abide by that contract.

Going to social media or any platform and telling the market space that you are "held hostage" or "against your will" is completely untrue. When you agree to something and sign an agreement to get funding of any kind, you must comply. We understand that in this day an age social media and perception is a major factor in the market space we are in, but again, when concerning business this is the real world, and contracts are contracts.


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