Actor Park Chul-Min on U-Know Yunho (SBS Morning Wide ๋ณ„์—์„ธ ON ๊ทธ๋Œ€ 4/30)

On the person he is most grateful towards:
I have always been grateful and sorry towards Yunho. He is always in my mind. He is a junior that I met through working on a drama. This young friend, on one hand, was a small connection that (I had) met through a drama but it (this connection) has not been let go of to the end, and in times of difficulty, giving me strength. While on holiday, he called me and said " Sunbaenim (senior), fighting. Please eat a lot of delicious food and always take care of your health." With some juniors, every word feels like mere formalities but (with Yunho) I can really feel that he is thinking and worrying about me, as he wishes me well from the heart, that's why it is well done like that. I think because (he) is always looking after seniors, and saying good and encouraging words for every big or small matter, I can feel his heartfelt sincerity and so I feel more affection for him.

What Makes You Most Grateful To Yunho?
- I was in a small movie last year, but he pushed back all his Japan schedule and personally accepted my invitation. During the premiere, he came and gave me flowers, saying "Congratulations, hyung, I really hope the movie will be a success." Always coming to my movies as a big guest, he has absolutely given strength to the films' publicity, and also given (me his) support. For such a loyal junior, I am always wondering how I can try to help him in whatever way possible.

To U-Know Yunho:
Your warm heart towards me gives me strength, and will, and self-confidence. Although you always call me 'hyung-nim, hyung-nim', but while you're like a younger brother, sometimes, you're like a friend. I will never forget and cherish, that when I needed your strength, you put aside all your work, came gladly to me and gave me strength. When you are really feeling lonely and down, whenever you need a drink, or when you need money, at that time, I will help you. Some day, this hyung will become your big source of strength, okay."

Message (written) to U-Know Yunho:
U-Know Yunho yah, let us meet passionately again as man and woman in another life!


t/n: the "small movie"๋˜ ํ•˜๋‚˜์˜ ๊ฐ€์กฑ /Another Family that Yunho appeared at to support Park Chul-Min was a movie filmed solely from crowd-funding and donations, recounting the sufferings of Samsung employees after working at the conglomerate's factories, and is meaningful more because Yunho's presence at the premiere surely brought more attention to this issue.

Based on the story of based on the story of Hwang Yu-mi, she died aged 23 from leukaemia in 2007, four years after joining Samsung's memory chip factory in Yongin, South Korea. "Another Family" is a well-known Samsung slogan.

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