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30th Apr 2015 from TwitLonger

No...just no

How does the same narrative get regurgitated over and over?

Who the fuck is Zoe? Zoe is by all researched accounts, a disgusting piece of work. It is not that she was a porn actress nor that she cheated on Eron Gjoni.

No she is nasty and slimy because she harassed shit out of the Wizardchan board and The Fine Young Capitalists. She is has lied about having to flee her home. She had a previous European vacation planned and booked. She doxxed Mike Cernovich. She tried to SWAT him. She picked on Georgie on the go. She admitted she used to have an addiction to Helldump. (Could be a lie of course...but morally how much better is that?) She lied about Gamergate - and said that she received death threats by them.

Did she? She lies about crap, that is her form. So either she did or did not get death threats If she did then who by? Someone she pissed off from her history with HellDump? Perhaps someone connected with her past in the porn/modelling industry , maybe someone from TFYC? Maybe someone from Wizardchan? Maybe a third party random who happened about her and thought her an abhorrent human being?

There are no doubt many people who have come across her in the past who have been repulsed by her. BUT she blamed Gamergate.

She blamed a hashtag of thousands of people for her harassment and went to the media with no evidence (no proof anyone from Gamergate has been involved in harassment from anyone. No arrests and no evidence). Yet somehow we are each collectively responsible for any misfortune (deserved or otherwise) that falls into her lap.

Now people like to paint her as some victim and she likes that role herself (and why not? It makes her about $4000/month - am I right?) but she isn't.

What about Eron? Eron posted a tell all and publicly condemned Zoe Quinn after he found she had been cheating on him. Hell, there is nothing overly Earth shaking here. He was hurt and he reacted. If she had done that we would not be discussing that today. Feminists are nothing if not hypocrites.

So wasn't Gamergate based around this?


Quinnspiracy and Burgerandfries was. If you do not know (or have forgotten) these were relative short-lived hashtags that WERE based around this and as they concerned someone that was "controversial" (or a bit of a bitch, depending on who you may ask) the hashtags were gossipy and salacious. Doomed to a little bit of heightened activity before dying. Like any drama, event, gossip or news. It was populated by a small number of people.

It died and people moved on. Except that whilst it was some people DID see that there was in this gossipy "who screwing who and who is paying the rent" nattering, an indication that the Gaming Journalists were at least in this one instance closer to the game dev than they ought to have been. The ones in charge of promoting game dev were sleeping with them?

There were no disclaimers or idea as to how far the rabbit hole went with this, but to a lot of consumers, this was crystallisation of long held concerns about a corrupt media in gaming.

Gamergate was formed.

But Quinn got death threats...
No what? What does that have to do with anything? She is not the only one on her side that has. Many too that support Gamergate have had death threats and been doxxed (just like Zoe did with Cernovich remember but unlike Zoe doxxing Cernovich most doxxing and death threats are unproven and seemingly done by random third party trolls (just like Helldump...ahhh...connection there too)

How the Hell does Zoe come up smelling like roses here and how do people keep buying the bullshit that

Zoe is Good and Eron is bad and Gamergate is evil incarnate.

Some people are fucking stupid.

As disgusting as Zoe is, she would be easily dismissed but she can't have it. She has to keep throwing herself at us like a drunken, spurned, infatuated girl. clinging desperately to Gamergate wailing at us not to leave her. She has to call us harassers and blame us for unproven threats and doxxing or whatever crime we are supposed to have committed (no doubt collectively and unison - as part of underhanded shady council meetings).

The press can't stop either. She is their poster child. If you look at the main figures of the non-supporters of Gamergate, they are all women that monetise victimhood. They all wail about their victimhood and get paid handsomely for it.

That is "Progressive Feminism" for you right there. The only way (as a woman) to get power, fame and money is to remove your agency, wail like a child and play victim. Have everyone come and protect you and look after you and trot you out for interviews where you can cry about how much of a victim you are. It is embarrassing and nauseating. Just the ticket for entitled, narcissistic, talentless, female sociopaths with a cunning disposition and no moral scruples.

If they ever Investigate BOTH sides of Gamergate Zoe Quinn/Chlesea Van Valkenberg/Locke Valentine will be running for the hills and for good reason.

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