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A conservative solution to Obama's job killing living wage increase.

F ACT: The minimum wage is not going to be eliminated. It's not on the table for discussion in Congress, and despite some candidates patronizing the issue for scoring 2016 brownie points with a faction of conservative voters by saying they are against an increase in the minimum wage, not a single one of them has introduced legislation to eliminate it. Not one. Oh, some spew enticing rhetoric that we shouldn't even have a minimum wage and use that for a good applause line too. Good PR there, but that's all they do with it. Use the issue to cast themselves as more conservative than their opponents. Their words ring hollow when it comes to putting their words into action. None of them has done that. Not one is running on a platform of eliminating the minimum wage. Why is that? What are they afraid of? If you are truly against raising the mininum wage and even against having it in the first place, prove it by acting on that. Put it in their campaign platforms or argue it from the Senate floor. Don't hold your breath. Truth is, they know over 80% of Americans favor having a minimum wage. It's not going anywhere. So, what to do? The Dems have taken the issue and melded it with "income inequality" to propose a job killing, business-killing "living wage." So what do we do? We just continue to weakly spout we don't need to raise it, and that's supposed to end the debate. Santorum isn't patronizing anyone by calling for a modest increase in the minimum wage. He sees the situation for what it is in the here and now. Look over his record on this and you see how he voted on to increase or not based on the percentage of workers traditionally covered. He is NOT for the Democrat proposed "living wage" and unlike his counterparts in the GOP who do little more than breathe hot air on the issue, Santorum is a problem solver. Any thinking person accusing him of being a liberal or as you called him a Democrat is patently absurd. So you disagree with him? Fine. That does not make him a liberal or Democrat. It's beyond ridiculous. This notion of labeling conservatives who don't line up 100% with your views as liberals or Democrats just doesn't fly. Santorum takes a principled, well thought through stance despite what others in his party are saying. His proposal is a modest increase of $1 to $1.50 over 3 years in increments of 50 cents, not the Obama/Democrat outrageous "living wage" increase of $15. Kudos to him for having the guts to address the issue and propose a reasonable solution.

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