[TRANS] #Junsu Deathnote Musical - The Game Begins (lyrics)

The transparent window where anger is the one illuminating the heart
Empty play on words of the voice crying out for justice
You're a hypocrite pretending to be a martyr
Inside your chest is just a fake cross

Covered eyes who cannot see in the darkness
Painting the clueless world with whatever pleases you
Showing off like you know everything
Pretending to be The Savior

Let's enjoy this game and I'm your opponent
Be careful of your shadow for you will die the moment you're stepped on by it
This is a game

Arrogant fool who insists on grand ideals
Deluding oneself while playing with lives
As if you became a God who doesn't fear anything in this world
I will show you the pits of hell

By analyzing the graph of numbers and data
I will make you understand the rules of this world
Starting now the game that doesn't have an end
Throwing in the dice of the game that doesn't have mercy

Shall we start?
lyrics from http://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=jyj&no=1294898
translated by @paulisteu

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