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26th Apr 2015 from TwitLonger

Justin Bieber @ prom

OKAY. Hi. I'll just get to the point.

An hour before Justin showed up hailey was there and my bestfriend saw her, nobody really paid attention to her or gabby. They thought they were just crashing. but anyways, my friend told me and I was like "watch Justin show up" anyways I went back to dancing cause NGL the DJ was TURNT. after dancing dor like 40 minutes I was exhausted, so I was chilling in the back by the entrance drinking water. I look to my left all of a sudden (I was Lowkey looking for my crush) & all of a sudden I see Justin, Hailey, gabby, walking in with his body gaurds. Me and my friends were right there, he started to dance and I was like "Justin" while dancing we asking for a picture and he said yeah, but this girl started to freak out and I was getting mad. cause Justin DOESNT like that, he was like "I'm just tryna turn up" AND I was like "alright lets go" and lead him to the dance floor, I held his hand. (HIS BRACLETS BTW WTF SO FUCKING SHINY I WAS BLIND) we started dancing with him, I was like grinding on him for a split second when ALL of a sudden this girl yells out JUSTIN BIEBER and then of course the whole FUCKINg school hopped on him and were freaking out, EVERYBODY was pushing and shoving and I was YELLLING at them to back the fuck up HES Claustophrobric Everybody was pushing and shoving to the point where he almost fell and the security had to step in. MY FRIEND POURED SPRITE ALL OVER ME AND JUStin. next thing you know it was getting a little too crazy and he had to run out (of course) I RAN SO FAST trying to get close to him. I was next to him again trying to get a picture but then he ran inside the recording studio, he waved bye , he looked so happy. it was adorable. EVERYBODY started to push and go into the recording studio and then eventually they pushed everybody out its cute AF in there btw. ANYWAYS. Everybody started to chant "we want Justin" over and over. and I honestly was speechless I didn't know what to say, it was the best thing ever.

This prom is definitely going in the books at my school, and just everywhere. so thankful and blessed I got a chance to experience this.
So blessed. the last time I "met" Justin was in 2009 when no one knew who he was. this was honestly a blessing from God. always expect the unnexpected. Justin was the sweetest guy ever. Fuck what anyone says about him being rude. so thankful & forever smiling.

Thank you guys for reading :)
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