A new scandal is raging through Washington which involves a massive drug money scheme which features names such as Obama, the Clinton family, the Bush family, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John McCain, Chris Christie and John Podesta, as well as the torture of a Witness to CIA drug ties, the Witness says.

Here are details of this astonishing new scandal:

An eyewitness to Obama and Bush family ties to a massive CIA drug trafficking operation in Mexico was deported late February by the Dutch government after a bid for protection failed due to lack of documentary evidence for an asylum claim, the Witness said.

The Witness to Obama, Bush and even Clinton-linked CIA drug trafficking from Mexico sought political asylum in the Netherlands after he told Mexican Federal Police last August that the CIA tortured and tried to assassinate him in the run-up to the 2012 election to prevent disclosure of the Obama administration’s organized crime ties, part of an astonishing new scandal that, for a time, threatened to topple the administration, the CIA and even the Democratic Party as a whole.

However, senior Republicans are also massively involved in CIA drug trafficking and money laundering, the Witness said, and have been since George Bush Sr. was CIA director in the 1970s.

The involvement of both parties is why the scandal, an open secret which involves Obama and both the Clinton and Bush families as druglords, has resulted in a political stalemate since it broke last August and has subsequently been covered up in Washington by a corrupt political system and a muzzled media.


Here is what the Witness told Dutch immigration investigators, who carefully analyzed his claim but ultimately rejected his asylum bid due to a lack of documentary evidence, deporting him to JFK airport, from where he travelled to Mexico.

The Witness, John Milton Nagel, an American citizen, stated in a report to Mexican Federal Police last August that he was activated as a CIA agent and then kept as a “political prisoner” by the CIA and tortured to keep him silent about a CIA drug cartel operating in Mexico in the weeks before the contest between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, possibly swaying the result of the 2012 election.

The Witness sought political asylum in the Netherlands after being tortured by the Obama administration, spending more than 6 months on Dutch soil, including at the Ter Apel refugee processing center.

The Witness also told police that the CIA has repeatedly threatened to torture, rape and murder his wife and children, including an infant.

The Witness was also stabbed 7 times in the neck, once in the torso and once in the arm in Costa Rica in an apparent CIA hit attempt, and he avoided another clear CIA hit effort, the latter at the Horseshoe Casino in San Jose, and additional assassination attempts were made against the Witness in Mexico City.

This is part of a startling emerging scandal which has threatened the Democratic Party from top to bottom including Nancy Pelosi, as well as the Republicans, and led to trips last September to Mexico by Hillary Clinton and NJ Governor Chris Christie to see what the Hell has been going on in the US Embassy in Mexico.

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And Republicans should have been outraged and supported Mexican investigators and called in prosecutors from United States to figure out how the Democrats have been importing cocaine to the United States and financing their political campaigns – but it turned out that Republicans themselves are tainted, which stalled a real investigation into CIA drug trafficking from Mexico.

Some politically-related changes affecting the Democrats did take place last year, before Republican involvement was exposed, starting with the sudden resignation last August of Katherine Weymouth as publisher of the Washington Post, accompanied by big staff changes, and the shunning of Obama by NATO leaders at a summit in Wales last September due to this situation.

Video of Obama’s lonely walk at Stonehenge after being humiliated by NATO leaders (as a former Rock Star) can be found on youtube

Chelsea Clinton’s sudden resignation in August from her $600,000 per year job with NBC was another casualty for the Democratic establishment.


The Witness also stated that the CIA has run a domestic, non-intelligence gathering operation at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas – a violation of U.S. law on CIA’s domestic activities.

The Witness said that the he came to learn that CIA has two branches: the intelligence gathering division we know about, and a shadowy SPECTRE-like international organized crime division which earns revenues mainly from drug trafficking from South America, Mexico, Afghanistan, the Golden Triangle and elsewhere, and that the latter division uses the MGM Grand Casino chain in Las Vegas and elsewhere to launder money and finance Democratic political campaigns, notably through notoriously corrupt HSBC Bank.

This means that billionaire Kirk Kerkorkian and MGM Resorts and Casinos, which operates at least 25 casino properties worldwide, are also embroiled in the Mexico CIA drug trafficking scandal which threatened to destroy the Obama administration and the Democratic Party as a whole, especially Nancy Pelosi, who the Witness was told by the CIA and a top secret source is the co-architect of the administration’s evil plans.

As Democrats were implicated in mid-August, smiles were seen among the Republican leadership, even by John Boehnor, who was ready to take over the presidency – but the problem is that Republicans came to fear that this narco-conspiracy would be used against them too, since neither party is immune from this scandal.

The Witness to Obama’s organized crime ties has requested that Mexican Federal Police ask for mutual legal cooperation from Nevada state authorities and/or Federal authorities to examine video of the Witness in the MGM Grand Casino and the Excalibur Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas which shows irrefutable evidence of CIA/casino participation in this criminal conspiracy – which the Witness suspects may already have been erased or modified by Casino authorities, in complicity with Las Vegas police or gaming authorities.

The Witness also said that the CIA rigs major sporting events such as the Superbowl and other international sporting competitions in order to reap huge profits through fraud.

This was part of a gathering storm embroiling the Democrats which seemed likely to topple the Pelosi/Obama Democratic Conspiracy within months if not weeks, and it seemed possible that Hillary and Bill Clinton would go down with them – until the Democrats shined a light on the entire Bush family, which is also involved in the drug trade – the Bush “family business” since the 1970s, when George Bush Sr. was CIA director.

Even former congressman Ron Paul has spoken out against CIA drug trafficking and its role in both the Democratic and Republican parties, not to mention complicity of the U.S. media in covering up this story.

See Ron Paul in this interview where he says that George Bush Sr. is “deep into the drug trade" and talks about drugs in American politics:

Mexican newspaper El Universal published a January 2014 article with more than 100 interviews with U.S. and Mexican officials implicating the CIA in the Mexican drug trade, with drugs flowing mainly into the Chicago area, not coincidently, the adopted hometown of Obama and his cohort Rham Emanuel.

Before the Democrats implicated the Republicans in this particular situation (which involves Bill Clinton as a ringerleader along with George Bush Sr.), it was at least possible, in the case of a real investigation, that people in the Democratic party would be going to jail for a long, long time, for crimes ranging from mass drug-related murder of Mexican citizens, to conspiracy to import cocaine, to election violations to threats, as well as the assassination of a Mexican presidential candidate, not to mention the conspiracy to defraud the American public in Las Vegas gaming houses, among other high crimes.

Chelsea Clinton resigned from her $600,000 per year NBC News job in late August, days after the scandal began to break – an ominous sign of things to come and a possible indication of her complicity in this growing scandal.

The Witness said that the Mena, Arkansas Intermountain Regional Airport is well known as having been used by the CIA for drug running, including under Governor Bill Clinton.

The Witness said that other cohorts of the Clintons, such as Rahm Emanuel, Terry McAuliffe and John Podesta are implicated, as well as California governor Jerry Brown, who deserves special mention as a ringleader.

Practically all leading Democrats, such as the Cuomo family and NY mayor Bill De Blasio (a former Clinton campaign manager), are also complicit in this scheme to funnel drug money to political campaigns.

Eric Holder’s resignation at Justice was also significant, as he would obviously would have been disqualified from leading the “non-investigation” into this matter, which the parties avoided in a backroom deal in order to prevent the one of the biggest political scandals in history and the exposure of the massive criminal conspiracy on which the both the Democratic Party and, it turns out, the Republicans, are built.

Senator John McCain was appointed late last August as the Republican’s hatchet man to take over the presidency on behalf of John Boehner, but instead of heads rolling, a deal was cut with the Democrats.

Had a backroom deal between the two corrupt parties not been reached, even Joe Biden would have been ousted due to this massive criminal conspiracy, which would have made John Boehner the next President of the United States

Evidence of this deal can be seen when former Obama chief of staff William Daley told a baldfaced lie in the presence of former Bush chief of staff Andrew Card and Reagan chief of staff Ken Duberstein on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday news program last October 5 – stating that there was no scandal that reached into the “heart” of the Obama administration.

The Daley statement was an effort to warn off reporters who were warming up to this story and to show that an agreement had been reached between the Republicans and Democrats to cover up their complicity in the drug trade, with Card and Duberstein as GOP stooges who remained silent despite this huge and escalating political scandal.

Mitt Romney, for his part, never said a word, likely in exchange for a massive payoff and the refund of his campaign expenses.

British Prime Minister David Cameron appeared to put his stamp of approval on the deal, sending Philip Hammond as his emissary to meet with Secretary of State John Kerry on October 9, 2014.

That meeting ended in smiles, indicating that the Obama administration’s high crimes were acceptable to the world community and that the US-UK special relationship remained intact, despite Obama’s humiliation at NATO Wales. A veritable “deal with the Devil.”


Here are the details of the scandal which started to break on the evening last Aug. 13 – which may go down in history as The Night of the Long Knives.

Hillary is no longer a viable candidate because of the breaking scandal involving a Mexican federal police investigation of CIA cocaine trafficking from Mexico and the torture by the CIA of a Witness to Obama's organized crime ties.

Nancy Pelosi, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Kerry and the rest of the Democratic Party, as well as top Republicans, are enmeshed in one of the biggest scandals in history, and they and their accomplices may have destroyed the Democrats, and the Republican Party appeared to be in deep trouble too.

The Democrats fear over this situation was easy to read, looking at face shots and their body language.

Hillary was looking pale and worried after this scandal emerged last August, and Obama’s smile also faded as he was shunned by a meeting of NATO leaders in Wales due to this situation, and for a time he seemed to be losing weight, as he is facing the same impossible challenge which seemed likely to end his political career sooner rather than later.


Their problem is the following outrageous new scandal, which involves a Pelosi/Obama-linked CIA narcotics trafficking operation in Mexico, more details of which are provided below.

This Witness states that he became privy to CIA drug trafficking activities because the CIA tried to muscle its way into his business after the Witness had earned minor recognition by eliminating a local Mafia group controlling prostitution in his neighborhood.

The Witness states that Nancy Pelosi and the whole Democratic Party are involved in the drug trade and at the request of the Witness, Mexican Federal Police have started an investigation into threats, torture and the hit attempts against the Witness, as well as CIA murders in Mexico and elsewhere.

In a meeting with police, the Witness identified Nick Noyes as a very senior CIA agent with a history working in Mexico and Panama, and Tim Wade as a senior CIA contractor working in Mexico, Colombia and Miami.

John Bruton, ex-president of the US Chamber of Commerce in Mexico and now at MannatJones Global Strategies, a major CIA consulting firm which specializes in drug trafficking, is also a senior agent, the Witness stated, as is former Ambassador to Mexico James Jones, a principal with the firm.

Other U.S. ambassadors to Mexico, such as Tony Garza (a former Texas Railroad Commissioner) and Jeffrey Davidow, as well as their entire embassy staffs, were also facing investigation, until the Democrats exposed Republic complicity in the drugs trade.

The Witness for 10 years was the Mexico City Correspondent for the Washington-based Bureau of National Affairs (BNA), now a Bloomberg subsidiary, writing over 1,500 hundred news stories on the Mexican economy, trade and regulatory news for the largest private publishing company in Washington. (As an aside, BNA owes the Witness nearly $400,000 in back wages due to violations of Mexican labor law.)

The Witness has also worked in ambulances in the Philippines and Mexico.

Mexican Federal police began their investigation and met three times with the Witness following a report filed in August, which alleges knowledge of the presence of a CIA cocaine cartel in Mexico.

Meanwhile, the Witness received and responded to an Aug. 20 letter requesting further information on an Organization of American States (OAS) human rights complaint filed against the USA, signed on behalf of the OAS Secretary General, assigned case number MC-170-14.

The complaint implicates Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, since the activities were carried out through the US embassy, and states that the CIA told the Witness that John Zuccotti of Brookfield Property (NYSE) is the “chairman of the chairmen of the board,” or “top frontman,” for the Mob on Wall Street. Coincidentally, the Witness attended the Browning School in New York with Zuccotti’s son, Andrew.

Another major Mob-affiliated money laundering organization is the Gifuni Bros. real estate firm in NYC, the CIA told the Witness.


Significantly, the Witness describes an unnamed Obama-linked Mob fundraiser/ banker-financial advisor with a physical description as follows: 6'6" – 6’7”, 55-60, very slender with hawk nose, with slicked back-black-grey hair. He is described as one of the senior organized crime figures in the U.S. operating in a financial capacity and is closely affiliated with the CIA.

Can anyone help to put a name to him?

He is likely known among senior Democratic fundraising/finance circles, probably in New York, Chicago or Las Vegas.

The complaint says an attempt by the Witness to use the Internet to identify the Obama Mob fundraiser/financial advisor led to his persecution by the CIA. The Witness had been trying to collect on the financial offer made for his company, but the financial advisor had failed to appear at a scheduled meeting – adjacent to the U.S. embassy in Mexico.

The Witness states that intelligence agents in Mexico attempted to recruit him as a business frontman for the CIA cartel (like Zuccotti for the U.S. Mob), and turned against him when he tried to identify the Mob banker and collect the deal offered.

It should be noted that the CIA has a long history of trying to “Mob-up” businesses, using techniques such as threats, extortion, intimidation, blackmail, kidnappings and other dirty tricks to try to use companies as fronts for money laundering of CIA drug profits, not only in Mexico, but throughout Latin America, including in Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica and other drug/money transhipment points.

The administration’s organized crime ties and campaign fundraising are placed under scrutiny (note the story from last July on Bill Clinton yelling at Obama over campaign financing) and the complaint asks for the U.S. embassy activities to be investigated.


In the Federal police statement, the Witness, as a CIA agent, states: “I allege that I came to learn that the CIA exported $200 million monthly of narcotics from Mexico, and often multi-billion dollar amounts, using CIA agents with diplomatic cover and immunity, CIA contractors and agents with non-official cover, CIA-protected aircraft, and CIA intelligence to gain an advantage over other drug trafficking organizations, in addition to providing protection to other cartels using military-trained mercenaries and special forces.

“I also allege that I met an Obama-connected, organized crime-affiliated American banker in Mexico City in 2012 and, after trying to identify him by searching for online photographs of Obama fundraisers, was subsequently threatened with kidnapping by CIA “duty officers” at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City and later with murder on three separate occasions by presumed agents at the Mexico City airport.”

The complaint says that there should be video evidence of the Witness being threatened in the Mexico City airport by presumed US agents on multiple occasions, and the complainant urged the Mexican federal government to scrutinize this and other video to verify CIA threats and help to identify a senior US organized crime figure – the president’s Mob fundraiser/banker, as well as CIA agents who threatened the Witness with kidnapping, murder and the rape and torture of his children.

There is also evidence of hit attempts made on the Witness by the CIA in Mexico, and likely CIA involvement in many, many drug related murders.


Several prominent figures are mentioned in the biographical information of the complainant, including Lee Radziwell, the Kennedy-Smiths, Wilbur Ross, David Koch, John Zacarro, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Harris Trust bank in Chicago, and global mining investor Billy Solloway.

The Witness states that Radziwell, sister to Jackie Onassis, bought the home of the Witness’s grandparents’ home on Sagaponack Pond in Bridgehampton, NY for $10,000,000 to form a compound with the neighboring Kennedy-Smiths - who may also become embroiled in this fiendish scandal.

While working as a reporter, the Witness interviewed numerous senior government officials and businesspeople, including billionaire Wilbur Ross, principal of NY buyout firm WL Ross & Co. and a leading Republican Party financier.

The Witness states that David Koch had a liaison with the Witness’s mother, and that CIA agents threatened the Witness with assassination due to his being included in this article, purportedly on Koch’s behalf.

The witness attended school with the son of John Zacarro, widower of Democratic Party vice-presidential candidate Geraldine Ferarro, whose questionable finances were a controversial point in 1984 Mondale campaign. Perhaps not coincidentally, Ferraro’s law offices were located in a Zacarro-owned building adjacent to the Ravenite Social Club on Mulberry Street in New York, hangout of mobster John Gotti and his crew.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, was the Witness’s religion instructor at St. James Church in New York in the 1980s.

The Witness’s cousin, Chalkley J. Hambleton, was President of Harris Trust until his death in 1996.

Mr. Solloway, CEO of Klondex Mines, Ltd. (TSX:KDN) was an early investor in the Witness’s company.

The Witness’s grandfather was Aldo R. Balsam, treasurer and controlling shareholder of the Celanese Corporation and a member of the board of the Harvard University chemistry department.

His great-grandfather, Walter Kirk, was owner of Kirk Soap in Chicago, at the time the largest soap factory in the world, later sold to Proctor & Gamble.

The Witness is a Mayflower descendent of passenger Steven Perkins.

There are photographs of the Witness with prominent individuals, including Walter Cronkite, as well as former Mexican President Zedillo after an interview in 1994.


Aspects of this scandal started to reach MSM, although soon there were clear signs that MSM reporters were instructed not to directly report on the story by their corporate minders, who constantly seemed to be shifting in the battle between the Democrats and the Republican control of the media, with big staff changes during this period at the Washington Post, CNN and the USA Today due to this situation, which “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd repeatedly referred to on his program as “What everyone in Washington knows but is afraid to talk about.”

Even Jon Stewart on his “Daily Show” had repeatedly said that it is “lights out” for the Democrats because of this situation, and he showed the Democratic Party in an extremely unfavorable, even “demonic” light for their aggressive "fundraising.”


The Mexican Federal Police investigation is underway, focusing on the possible video evidence of threats and hit attempts made against the Witness and public, videotaped contacts by US intelligence agents, including the Mexico City CIA station chief, with the Witness.

The Witness also asserts that a Secret Service advance team surveilled his mother's residence in San Jose, Costa Rica prior to an Obama visit to the country in May, 2013, creating a direct link from the Witness to the White House.

The Witness also states that he was tortured and intimidated after an attempt was made by the CIA to make him a CIA frontman, in order to prevent disclosure of details of the CIA cartel in violation of human rights conventions, and he has filed an Organization of American States (OAS) Human Rights Petition against the Government of the United States seeking protection for his family members.

Lawsuits are being prepared against Democratic Party officials including Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry at State, as well David Patraeus, Mike Morrell, John Brennan and James Clapper at CIA, and US Ambassador to Mexico Anthony Wayne, Congressional leadership with intelligence oversight responsibility, not to mention Obama, once he is inevitably ousted from office.

Also to be named as defendants are Kerkorkian, MGM Resorts International and its Board of Directors, as well as any other participants in this massive criminal conspiracy, such as could be CIA companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Oracle and General Dynamics, Apple, BP, Yahoo/Alibaba, as well as financiers George Soros and Warren Buffet (on whose trains drugs are run from Mexico).

Other CIA companies include NTELOS Holdings Corp., Motorola Mobility, PWC, Goldman Sachs, Atlas Energy, Carlyle Group, BlackRock, Morgan Stanley, Tesla, Paypal, USA Compression Partners, LP, Breitburn Energy Partners L.P., Ivanhoe Energy Inc., Seadrill Ltd, Salesforce, LinkedIn and KMP, the Witness says those knowledgeable of CIA activities told him.

Richard Cheney’s Halliburton and engineering firm KBR have been infamously involved in the drugs trade from U.S. military sites for decades, the Witness said.

The Witness said that the CIA may have been involved in the assassination of Luis Donaldo Colosio, the PRI’s 1994 Presidential candidate, and may also have been complicit in the kidnapping, torture and murder of DEA agent Enrique Camarena in the 1980s, due to Camarena’s having knowledge of CIA drug trafficking near the Mexican City of Guadalajara.

As stated, the Witness sought asylum in the Netherlands due to the possibility of further reprisals by the CIA – not unlike Edward Snowden.

While there, the Witness told Dutch investigators the details of this story.

In addition, the Witness attempted to show an earlier version of this story which had been published in comments on the website which sparked death threats against the Witness. However, though the Witness had viewed the story one day earlier, the story and the death threats were suddenly removed from the Bloomberg webiste – apparently to discredit the Witness, perhaps by the CIA. With the help of his attorney, however, the Witness found an archived version of the story on Google, but with the death threats removed, and his asylum bid was rejected.

Prior to his departure to the Netherlands, the Witness stated that he received multiple threatening Tweets from senior Obama administration officials and parties to this plan, including David Axlerod, Susan Rice, Chelsea Clinton, Susan Powers and Valarie Jarret, as well as NASA, the DOD, the Chicago Tribune, Warren Buffet and reporters David Ignatius and David Sanger, with the Washington Post and NY Times, respectively.

The tweets from the Post and the Times were likely designed to implicate major U.S. media in the scandal and prevent them from covering this story.

The Witness states that he also received a tweet of a picture of former President Clinton and former President George Bush Sr. (who was CIA director in the 1970s) posed together with menacing and angry stares directed at the Witness, which implicated both the Republicans and Democrats and led to the current uneasy stalemate between the parties.

A subsequent Tweet several days later put the pair in a less menacing pose of amazement at the Witness's actions a lame attempt at covering for their earlier, thinly veiled threat. All the tweets were immediately deleted.

Another threatening tweet, also deleted, was received from California Governor Jerry Brown.

The Witness is currently residing in Mexico City.

The Witness said, "I'm easy to find."


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