[Trans] Jaejoong's second letter to his family

So I guess I'll only get to see my family at the Completion Ceremony? I'll bravely and diligently finish my training, and although your son is already in his 30s, I will show you that I've become more manly man...[I understand that you must be worried (t/n: liberal trans since I can't read his whole sentence)] but don't worry~ Your son is stronger that you think~ I am strong in mind and body so Father and Mom, please take care of your health, eat healthy and exercise (t/n: rest of the words cut off in the picture) Your son will rest now for tomorrow. I will write you again later.
Please send my regards to sisters as well ^^
From thirty-something years old son Jaejoong who's adjusting well -

제가 수료식을 할때에나 가족 얼굴을 보겠죠? 용감히 열심히 훈련마치고 30대 아들이지만 보다 더 늠름해진 모습 보여드릴게요...보낸 부모님은 오죽하실까 하는 마음도 들지만~ 걱정마세요~ 생각보다 아주 강한 아들이니까요~ 정신으로나 신체적으로나 강인하니까 아버지, 엄마 몸 신경쓰시고 음식도 건강에 맞춰서 잘 드시고~ 운동도...아들은 내일, 또 내일을 위해 푹 쉬렵니다. 또 편지하겠습니다
누나들한테도 안부 전해주세요 ^^
잘 적응하고있는 30대 아들 재중이가 -

source: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CDXSh5LUEAA_HSN.jpg

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