Junsu's comment at EBS Space about "Golden Star"

"'모차르트'를 선택한 계기가 이 노래 가사를 들었기 때문이다. 당시 심경적으로 너무나 힘든 상태였고, 더구나 한번도 해보지 않았던, 가요가 아닌 뮤지컬로 무대에 선다는 두려움이 컸다. 하지만 노랫말을 듣고 정말 세상에 외치고 싶었던 말이더라. '사랑은 구속하지 않는 것. 사랑은 자유롭게 놓아주는 것. 때로는 아픔도 감수해야 하지만 그것이 사랑이다'라고 세상에 대고 외치고 싶었다"고 털어놨다.

김준수는 "그때 저에 대한 대중들의 시선, 기자들의 글들에 반박하고 싶었던, 정말 제 마음이었다"며 실제 공연에선 '황금별'을 들으며 행복한 표정을 지어야 했지만, 자신은 그렇지 못했다고 고백했다. "매번 울었다"며 "울면 안 되는 신인데 매번 울었던 기억이, 참아도 참아도 울었던 기억이 있다"며 눈물이 맺힌 모습이었다.

The reason I chose "Mozart!" was the lyrics to this song "Golden Star." At the time, I was going through some rough times, and I had this fear of standing on the stage as musical actor rather than a pop singer. But then I heard the lyrics to the song, and it was exactly the words that I wanted to shout out to the world. "Love does not bind. Love sets you free. Sometimes you need to bear the pain, but that's love." That's what I wanted to shout out to the world.
"I just really wanted to refute how the public saw me and what the reporters were writing about me."
Although he should have been happy listening to 'Golden Star' during the performance he confessed that he could keep a happy expression on his face. "I cried every time. I wasn't supposed to sing during the scene, but I cried every time. I tried to hold back, but I always cried."


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