Caroline Wozniacki on her new coach Arantxa Sánchez Vicario: "She knows what I need to do."

" I think it's really great, because Arantxa has herself played at the top level, and we click well together. She works well with my father too, so she's a good fit for my team.

On her clay performance:

"The last couple of clay seasons haven't gone very well for me. First of all because maybe I haven't played tactically smart and secondly because I've had some small injuries here and there. But I felt it was time to try something new, and Arantxa has played really well on clay, and she knows what I need to do. She can help me tactically, so I think we're a good fit.

" I can tell I've had clay training that's been a bit different. She has some exercises that have taught me how to move on clay. She's taught me some things I can use in pressure situations on clay, and what I need to do with the ball. Sometimes I mustn't force it, and sometimes I need to go in and apply pressure. I think it's nice to get tips here and there. The small things can make the difference.

"It means a lot to me that she's a woman, because she's played on the tour and she knows all the other players on the tour. And because she's a woman she perhaps also understands things a bit better than the men. She and my father work well together, and it's given me a lot of good input from the both of them."

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