I said, "Basic Income is a con."

#UBI enthusiast stonewalls me, repeats himself, gets blocked for doing so because he can't come up with anything new (he just goes around in circles), then slags me off on Reddit surrounded by adoring acolytes who utterly refuse to question his stance or UBI itself.

Did I miss anything?

Thank you for linking to my blog post, Scott.

It's this one: http://on-t-internet.blogspot.com/2015/04/basic-income-is-con-why-do-people-fall.html

I'm getting loads of traffic off of it. Well, one good turn deserves another. Here's the Reddit thread: http://www.reddit.com/r/BasicIncome/comments/321sis/on_tinternet_basic_income_is_a_con/

I like it when people converse with me even if they disagree with me. It's the stonewalling, the going round in circles, the repetition and the insistence that I wade through tons of waffle to get to whatever point you were trying to make that got you blocked, mate. Reading the same arguments again and again just got old and I didn't want them spamming up my timeline any more.

The difference between us is not our ideological standpoints, it's that one of us is willing to ask awkward questions about our own stances and follow the truth wherever it leads. I will not accept a faith-based ideology without question. Reader, would you?

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