Get the Padagogy Wheel into Your Language

PLEASE HELP WITH PROOF READING AND TRANSLATION: If you speak fluent Arabic (AR) | Bulgarian (BG) | Chinese (ZH) (Simplified) | Czech (CS) | Dutch (NL) | Filipino (TL) | Finnish (FI) | French (FR) | German (DE) | Greek (EL) | Irish (GA) | Italian (IT) | Japanese (JA) | Norwegian (NO) | Polish (PL) | Portuguese (PT) | Russian (RU) | Spanish (ES), you can help teachers and students using those languages in a very positive way. Some of you know I had this great idea for a PowerPoint slide in 2012 which has developed into a Learning Model. Called the Padagogy Wheel, since Jan 1st 2014 to date (15 months) the poster has been downloaded 139,324 times would you believe. Recently a colleague, now friend, in Guatemala, translated an earlier version into Spanish and has had 10,000 copies downloaded already.

I have recently released a completely upgraded Version 4 with twice the resources connecting to a website in 19 different languages. Twitter has gone ballistic and interest is accelerating fast. Thanks to Aroldo in Guatemala the text for the Spanish version of the new wheel is almost ready. There are 17 more languages on the website for which a Padagogy Wheel in the same language would be very useful so I need help with those translations too please. Of course I am interested in any language where there is a need in education.

How I manage it: You will only need to provide me with text. I will do the layout. When you contact me I will send you a Word Document with two columns EN on the left and you fill in your language on the right. When you send it back I will copy and paste into the master artwork. I am also looking for Teachers who blog to develop the use of the model in their language.

Let’s Make a Difference in your Heart Language: If you can help it would be amazing and I can say with confidence tens of thousands of teachers and students in your language will thank you. Here is a 11 minute presentation where I talk about the new version of the wheel .. if you teach this will hopefully inspire you. If you want to see the poster you can from here Please contact me by email and together we can make a difference.

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