#stationsofthecross Key to Pictures.

For those who wished to know, the pictures for the Stations of the Cross yesterday were as follows:

1. An electronic press kit produced last year by ISIS of its prisoners condemned to death .

2. A newsweek photograph of a victim of Mao’s Cultural Revolution 1966.

3. A victim of homophobic abuse on a gay pride march in Russia last year.

4. Junko Ishido, appealing for the life of her son, journalist Kenji Goto, who was murdered by ISIS in January.

5. Iraqi Christians fleeing Mosul last year.

6. Will Pooley, the British nurse who contracted Ebola working in Sierra Leone, recovered, and returned to Sierra Leone.

7. A policeman is the victim of a clash between pro Russian demonstrators and Tatars in Crimea.

8. Some of the 219 girls captured by Boko Haram in Nigeria in April 2014 – still missing.

9. Man arrested during the riots in Ferguson Missouri after the police shot and killed teenager Michael Brown last year.

10. A man lashed in Saudi Arabia last year.

11. The victim’s view of the new gurney at San Quentin prison to which the condemned are strapped before receiving a lethal injection.

12. The abandoned altar in the derelict Roman Catholic seminary at Cardross in Scotland.

13. A victim of Ebola in Sierra Leone is taken for burial.

14. Female relatives of a victim of the shootings in the Peshawar school in Pakistan.

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