NPWALKOUT Information

First, let's get a few things clear. This is a movement to show support for the girls who had their bodies, trust, and privacy violated when nude photos were posted online without consent. We recognize that both parties hold guilt in this situation, but the difference is as follows: whilst sending nude/provocative photos could be viewed as 'irresponsible', posting them online for anyone to see is inhumane, degrading, and completely illegal. Our goal is to show the girls they are not alone, and have our support. So, here is the plan:

Spread the word, the ONLY way this will work is if people participate

At 11:15, if you are participating, you will stand and SILENTLY walk out of class, and out of the building. If you made signs, bring them. We'll meet down at the kpod main lobby stairs. Leaving school grounds unauthorized is a level 3 offense, so we'll stay on school property and decide as a group, where to go from there.

We are NOT doing this as a dig at North Penn, nor Mr. Hynes, but in support for the young women who have been shamed and too afraid to come to school because of the harassment they receive.

For those of you concerned about punishment, the ACLU states the following: 'School officials cannot punish you for simply being in a protest. If you cut class to be in a protest-whether it takes place on or off school grounds- then school officials can count your absence as unexcused and discipline you.' The link to that site will be posted following this.

We appreciate all and any support we've received, and are only trying to help those girls who fear coming to school every day due to the actions of this dropbox.

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