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Forrester to the future
Rick Forrester takes the reins of the family fashion house

Running a fashion house takes a team of people unless you're Rick Forrester. He's been involved with the company since he was very young. Most of those years were spent off screen at Forrester International. It's not pleasant when you are sent off to Forrester International because you don't get to have much presence. Oftentimes when Rick went to Forrester International he'd come back a new person. But Rick is looking very much like he did in the late 1990's. He doesn't have the best memories of working at Forrester. But that's about to change. Now he has lead model, Maya Avant, working by his side. The two are determined to take the fashion world by storm.
Maya Avant brought very little to the table but that's not going to stop her from making her mark. Most models spend years working in the business, pounding the pavement. But Maya's pounding something else these days, her high heels on the Forrester runway. She's been an incredible addition to Forrester Creations. Some would say it's now a Maya Maya world. Rick seems to have his finger on the pulse of fashion and design. There's no plans for Rick to go back to International because he's very important now in Los Angeles.

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