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25th Mar 2015 from TwitLonger

Personal post about me

A personal post. Not something I usually do, but hey, why the heck not. There is no time like the present. Been tossing around the idea of tweeting this out for a long time now.

Right, onto business: I'm gay. That's cool! Something I've known pretty much since I was 17, and kind of have had in my head since like 15. I was in relationships with girls for a bit leading up to now, mostly because I thought I could make it work, and suppress who I really was, but obviously, that's not a great way to go about it. I've been working on coming out over the past year to close friends, and kind of just finding myself, but thought I should get this out of the way. Thanks to people like @progducto for kind of being inspiration to being open about yourself, and still remaining awesome. So yeah, there we go.

That's that, and no harm done!

Also: Almost 50k follower hype. :D

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