Official Notice 3/23/15

First of all, we want to apologize for making you wait for so long.
We didn't want to create any confusion by reporting incomplete information.
We finished confirm‍‍ing all the facts today with KBS_Media, Cjes and ENE Media(distribution company).

The interview, commentary, making film, deleted scenes and pictorial no longer can be included in the Spy Director's Cut. KBS_Media and ENE Media thought these were possible because it is a customary process not to have proper contract for Director's Cut.

Spy Director's Cut Committee concluded that the responsibility is not solely on one company.

We believe that the so-called customary process of director's cut is the root of this issue.
Director's Cut may be a very prestigious gift to the fans, director, writer, actors and all the production staff. But demanding precious time without proper prior contract or financial compensation in the name of fan service is unfair for all the actors and their agencies.

KBS_Media said top stars' agencies often refuse their stars participation in director's cut.

Recently, the drama making environment in Korea has changed greatly, and the terms of contracts have become highly complex. These are more reasons behind this sudden changes in the contents of Spy director's cut.

We tried our best for the last 4-5 days to come up with a solution to make Spy director's cut with the original contents possible. But the differences among the companies involved were irreconcilable.

Please read the following carefully.

Contents of Spy Director's Cut confirmed as of 3/23/15

1. Director's Re-edited Version
2. Script Book for the entire series
3. Highlights (about 90 minutes)
4. Collection of ending cuts, action scenes, kiss scenes from multiple angles
5. Official poster(in discussion)
6. Other items in discussion
※ items in discussion can be changed during production process.

If anyone who doesn't want to purchase the Spy directors cut with current contents will have 2 weeks to cancel their order. People who still want to purchase don't have to do anything.

If the minimum quantity required for production is not met(too many cancellations),
the production will not happen, and everyone will get a refund.

We will notify you with the cancellation link and start time.

Thank you so much for your interest and love for Drama Spy.

In order to help your understanding, we summarized the final phone conversations with KBS_Media and Cjes. We hope this can assist you with making your own judgement on what had happened.


1. The broadcasting companies' rights over dramas are not as powerful as in the past.

2. KBS_Media requested commentary and interview of their actor to Cjes according to the Director's Cut production custom(asking the actor to participate in commentary/interview exclusively for Spy director's cut as a service to the fans) but Cjes denied the request.

3. Top stars' agencies deny the requests often. It is not just Cjes.

4. KBS_Media is open to price negotiations since the contents had been reduced a great deal.

5. The director and the writer of Spy are very enthusiastic about the director's cut.


'Our company made business deal, and fans should not involve in this process. So we are not obligated to release our company's official stance on this issue.'

1. We think KBS_Media and ENE Entertainment are trying to gain unjust profit by using Kim Jaejoong and his fans so we had to deny their request.

2. Cjes always try to make the best decision for the fans.

3. Cjes told KBS_Media that they may produce Spy Director's Cut as long as they do not infringe Kim Jaejoong's portrait rights. Cjes cannot allow any commentary or interview that requires additional time for Kim Jaejoong. This is our final opinion on this matter.

4. We want to ask fans to protect Kim Jaejoong.

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