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23rd Mar 2015 from TwitLonger

(Trans) BTS' Favorite Women's Fashion

(Note: This is translated from ChizMomo酱's Chinese translations. I apologize in advance for any mistakes.)

Jin: I like the cute type. Long hair with a large sweater, cardigan or coat... with skinny jeans or similar, wear one size larger for the top - I think that's not bad. With leather shoes or cute sneakers, glasses, bracelets is still very nice! But being overly cute and not matching your own age is not good.

Suga: Girls that can wear, very nicely, various styles of clothing is very good; she can suit streetwear, simple and plain; girls with this type of taste is very awesome. Black leather jacket with a knitted hat, white T-shirt with skinny jeans. This is very suitable for girls. Shoes is Air Jordan 11.

J-Hope: I like those that wear dresses with a very feminine style. But I hate high heels! Specifically, not too fancy but ocassionally that type of light dressup. Nike Air Jordan with leggings isn't bad either (laughs). But it's most important to wear clothes that suit your body type. I don't like it if it's too much or too fancy!

Rap Monster: Long black and straight hair. I like white T-shirts or a fitted long T-shirt. Jean shorts for the lower with red Converse high tops.

Jimin: I like the cute and fresh style. Hair style is a loose bun or wavy short hair. I also like the type where it's half tied-up. Top is oversized shirt or blouse. Bottom is OK with jeans or shorts that matches the top. There's many types of shoes, from low-heeled shoes... (magazine scan got cut off on the bottom)

V: Honestly, the type of clothes I like are those that dress up like me. Size XL or XXL black, white or gray T-shirt. It's better if the shoulder area is a bit torn (?? Not sure if this means he wants girls to be cutting shirts like him LOL). I like a hoodie with a very large hood or just a regular hoodie. Bottom is skinny jeans or skirt. Shoes is white or red Converse, black Adidas, or gray Vans.

Jungkook: I don't know too much about clothing but I like the pairing of oversized shirts with shorts. All black is not bad. Or black stockings. Sneaker Vans or Converse is good.


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