I will come clean and be completely honest with everyone, i will take the responsibility where it is due. I am at fault for trying to sabotage the SOK but they do have a few things wrong in the video i will be able to disprove some of them but not all of them because a majority is my fault and i accept the burden of responsibility. Once i am exposed on something i will not run and hide or blame anyone or even try to pit people against each other. I will take what i deserve and i will admit the fault.

Let me just first say that i do not run the KWO account, this is false and i will completely stand by it i will even post a screencap of my alt accounts. Just because it has Persona danagnaronpa music does not necessarily mean that i run that account if that is true then i must own the Mrbrockheinz channel because he used a Danganronpa song even though we all know i do not own it and hes british im american. That is a common mistake most people make sometimes people are inspired by my channel and its music because it is so damn catchy that they are like "fuck Divas you and your damn persona music" even Kojima World Order liked my music and decided to use it. Just like how some communities like to use VG Remix songs of their favorite games it does not mean they have the same accounts. I provided Kojima World Order with screencaps and also the music for them. I am a 3rd party to Kojima World Order and i do not own it. Here is my evidence


As you can see Kojima World Order is not my alt and i know it may seem like i own the channel because i have helped and made some contributions to help them in the past especially when the channel died near the end. I also do admit that i was the one that gave them the screencaps for their latest video and left the forum discussions and the Fred tweets out. But everything else is owned by them not me. I also favorited their videos and have put them in my top featured channel because i know there are people that miss that channel. They are only making Phil videos by the end of the day and i hope people will not attack them and be respectful to their wishes to not be involved or associated with drama.

They do not deserved to be attacked for something that i did and they do not deserve any association with me. I completely apologize to Kojima World Order, Burnout, Boondocks, Crystal, and any others that were hurt due to the things i started. None of them deserve the backlash it is my fault and i was one of the people that fueled the fight. I accept full responsibility and i deserve the backlash i am recieving. None of the others deserve it.

I admit to being exposed on sabatoging the SOK. But i will end it by saying this to the parts of the SOK that have been stirring drama and controversy. You have truly lost sight of what the anti darksydephil community was about. It was not about fame hunting it was not about ganging up on people or starting wars against other guys that didint think the same way you thought. Then calling criticism slander and proving the ED page right, it was about making fun of a guy that plays video games horribly.

It is my fault for not realizing that on my end and i am sorry to the Anti darksydephil community for putting my agenda above darksydephil i hope the SOK can at least learn from my mistake and not try to start wars against other people and cause drama because if they dont they will only receive the same backlash as me and suffer the same fate of not focusing on Phil but focusing on drama that no one wants to hear about or be apart of. I made that mistake plenty of times and i did not learn from it, me taking a leave from twitter,skype, and a few other places will stop the drama and it will end as i am at fault for it. The only thing is about Skype is i dont know how to delete it but i did uninstall the program and i will no longer be using it anymore it might take 6 months to delete itself from what i know. I will be moving on from the DSP community and take my leave to somewhere else.

My final words are this i have appreciated everything this community has given to me over the years, the comments that are positive that kept me going to make videos even when i felt like complete crap and was sick some days, the support from PM's and messeges, evidence given to me, and also trying to support me when i felt down and i did not know how to handle things, with advice thrown in the experience of talking to some huge stars on youtube. I also have learned to be humbled by the lows by suffering through drama and understanding that sometimes its just best not to try and start things between groups especially if your channel is popular in the community. Drama is always what brings it down but focusing on your content and why your fans watch is what uplifts it and keeps people watching. I apologize and i understand if no one believes me when i have apologized or if it will take time for everyone to forgive me i am an awful person for what i have done and i am no better than the people i dislike. Do not ever make the same mistake i made and learn from it. Otherwise you arent different than the person you despise the most you are the same as the one you hate and you become them without realizing it.

The last question i am sure everyone wants to know is about the youtube channel. I edited my about me page to reflect a more neutral stance than me being a selfish asshole playing favorites and i have decided the only thing i will do is either just favorite videos, this is how you dont plays and comment on channels or just leave it dormant. That is a decision i will have to make for myself and i will take in feedback from everyone for a few days. But most likely i will just keep the channel dormant because i understand that no would want me around anymore after what i did. I am anticipating everyone calling me names right now and i know that i deserve it, I stand by my words and i take responsibility for my actions.

P.S this twitter account will be deleted in the next 24 hours or in two days.

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