"Cleavage Casters" & their supposed causing harassment for "legit girl casters."

So a lot of people missed out on the "Drama Bomb" that happened over the passed few days and on Twitter yesterday. Let me summarize it. A youtuber from the league community made this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2ETEpZCQOU addressing female streamers.

In this video you will find that the basic summary of the video is that the "Cam Girl Casters" showing their cleavage for views are to blame for the "Legit/Real Female Casters" being harassed for either not showing cam, not showing boobs, or being born with a high pitched voice and being made fun of for it because "there are some girls that force their voices into a higher octave to appeal to men."

First of all. Wat? The idea that ANYONE but the actual jerks who talk the smack are to blame is completely insane and a smaller part of the general victim-blaming culture that has taken root in our society. By blaming cleavage-casters you are completely excusing the actual dickbags who are doing the harassing in the first place.

I have been a gamer for a very large portion of my life. I started at a young age with Zelda and Mortal Kombat. As I grew older it turned into JRPGs, Magic: The Gathering, D&D, and all the way to World of Warcraft and FPS games. I've been online since the age of 12 and I am currently 27. I can say with complete honesty that this "harassment brought on by cleavage casters setting an unreal stereotype and/or standard for the rest of women on Twitch" is bullshit. Why?

Now this next paragraph is the most important part of this rant. You ready?

I have received the same amount of harassment I have while casting as I have just being online as a female in general, most of my life. The only difference between now and then is Twitch offers a larger and more diverse platform for this to happen. As where before it happened only on forums and behind closed doors during online games the second it was made known to the rest of the server and/or group you were female.

It's not a cleavage-caster issue. It's a being a female on the internet issue. People complain that boobs give easy views, but what about the cleavage-casters at the bottom of the list? The ones that show just as much cleavage as the ones on the top of the rankings? They aren't getting much views, or keeping them.. Hm. Wonder why. How about the hundreds of "cam girls" that filter through Twitch that have a large spike in popularity through infamy just for being the latest girl to show boobs only to disappear after everyone moves on with their life after they bitch about her on Twitter, and then her channel dies?

The fact of the matter is do boobs get you more clicks? yes. Just like any other gimmick or hook. Are boobs enough to sustain views? Pfft, no. Boobs may bring them in but it won't make them stay. You have to be entertaining enough to make them want to stay. This is where Kaceytron shines. She comes under so much fire and no one understands that her cast is purely satire. She makes fun of the same stereotype you try to give her shit for. If you still don't believe it's satire look at her Patreon page. I always see "Well watch Kaceytron wear a normal shirt and see if she maintains the same view count." She did. And she has. Why? She's a personality streamer. Tits may bring you in but you stay for the satire and entertainment.

And then I see people complaining about if guys went shirtless no one watches. Bullshit. There was a hot shirtless dude on Twitch that I happened to watch a lot. Dude was eye-candy, and yes his attractiveness drew me in. But he made me stay with his humor and conversation. In fact, I'd love to see more eye-candy dudes on Twitch. Equality, bitch. Do you have it? Let's make it happen! Which brings me to the final word of this rant.

What. People. Do. On. Their. Own. Cast. Is. None. Of. Your. Business. Is it against ToS? Then report it and move on with your life.

This is the entertainment business. People will stop using sexuality as a tool for views when the mainstream media stops using sex to sell products. Which is more than likely never going to end unless the human race all suddenly became asexual.

There was a time as a young caster where I, too, had the same track of mind. Cleavage-casters were the devil and if it weren't for them setting unreal standards I would have more views, blah blah, blah. But what it came down to is I needed a scape-goat for my lack of success early on. I mean it couldn't have possibly been my terrible attitude, my constant stance on strong views and general over-bearing-ness and compensation, my screeching insecurity, my constant shit talk to every troll that entered my channel, affinity for drama, my lack of good equipment that made it hard for people to listen to me talk because I have a booming voice that needed to be desperately equalized, my lack of consistency in not only my stream but my personality as a caster, or just my general bitterness that I constantly felt the need to express because I was victimizing myself thinking the people over in partnership had it out for me because why wouldn't they partner me? I'm awesome. Nothing could have possibly been wrong with me. I totes had quality content.

I couldn't get out of my own way.

It came down to jealousy. They had what I wanted. They got what I wanted sooner than I did and damn them for their success because I couldn't have it nor could I fathom how to obtain it and fuck them for it. So yes, I get where a lot of you are coming from. I've been there but you have to stop blaming other people for your problems.

There's a saying. Just clean the trash that's on your side of the street. In short: Mind your own damn business. You do you. They will do the same. Stop being dicks. Stop concerning yourself with what other people do, especially if they wanna show some titty skin. Cleavage isn't hurting anyone. If they aren't beating anyone with their tits, why do you care? Merry Christmas. World peace. 420 blaze it. 123.

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