There really is no easy way to announce this, but we (Max & Renee) have decided to amicably end our relationship. We have been "non-officially" broken up for about a month now. We feel we owe it to our viewers and friends to know what is going on because we know we've been acting strange.

Please understand that we are still friends who care about each other very much. We will still be doing Fucked Up Friday together and we will still be playing games together, as we have been for the last month. We both still plan to be a big part of each other's lives.

We don't want anyone to pick sides, whether you're a fan or a friend. There are no sides. It's an unfortunate circumstance, but we both love the community we've built together and hope you guys will continue to support us even if we aren't a couple.

At the moment, all we ask for is privacy in the matter. Please do not make your own assumptions. There is no one issue that led to this.

We love you guys and your support through all of this, even unknowingly, has been incredible and we are infinitely grateful.

- Max & Renee

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