Our response to NHMRC's position statement:

The Australian NHMRC's statement seriously misrepresents the nature of the clinical research evidence in #homeopathy. The NHMRC's conclusion fails to caution that its review admitted that 'the evidence base for the majority of clinical conditions was considered of insufficient size to enable clear conclusions on the efficacy of homeopathy to be drawn'.

Moreover, the review's focus on medical conditions fails to recognise that homeopathy is based on individualised treatment, not on a named medical condition. A recent meta-analysis published by the British Homeopathic Association (http://goo.gl/L4Bguw) has provided independently verified evidence that individually prescribed homeopathic medicines may have clinical effects that are greater than those of placebos.

The NHMRC's statement also fails to note that its review commended further quality research in homeopathy.

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