A 12 Step Program to Detox Gaming

1 - Stop saying consumers are evil
2 - Have an open, respectful, reciprocal relationship between press and devs based on merit, not friendships
3 - Don't reward sites that consistently attack gamers or games companies, even if they get a lot of traffic
4 - Recognize that the specialty press matters, because the mainstream media gives gaming last priority in the Arts section.
5 - Make it clear that award shows do not exist to mock the consumer. Mocking the consumer should be understood to be inappropriate.
6 - Recognize that traditional coverage and YouTube both have their place. Both are good.
7 - Get games coverage back to being coverage about games, not stupid personal scandals.
8 - Adopt truly global analytics. Stop using services that give American-hosted companies an edge.
9 - Criticize marketing as marketing, not as the basis of an assumption about the politics of a game.
10 - Treat games as games. Don't analyze them with tools for film, television or books without some adaptation that factors in gameplay.
11 - Before you criticise writing, read it. Before you criticize a comment, hear the original. Before you criticize a game, play it.
12 - Don't be a fucking asshole*.

*"Fucking asshole" can be replaced by the synonym of your choice. Even "dickwolf". I won't judge. Because I'm not a fucking asshole.

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