On IGF/GDC Awards, @TimOfLegend and #GamerGate jokes

As a finalist of both IGF and GDC Awards I was at the ceremony along with my wife and a couple of friends. Here are my thoughts, they are probably not what you expect them to be.

First, I was not bothered too much by Tim's jokes. To me they were more about #GamerGate than they were against #GamerGate, if that distinction makes any sense. To be honest, getting so pumped up and so offended by these jokes is a bit petty and weak. And do not be so selective: why so much focus on the #NotYourShield joke (btw calling it racist is a pathetic SJWism) but no talk about the sleeping with the judges joke?

In other words, pull that stick out of your ass, will you? You do not want the rest of the world to see you as the part of the outrage factory you so often criticize yourselves, do you?

Having said that, GG jokes were often weak and you could feel the room not being too excited about them either. I think that Tim wanted to be not too controversial and the jokes lost their edge. A perfect example of what happens when you self-censor yourself. I find the whole thing deeply ironic.

Second, the only moment when I was really pissed off myself was the bullshit about "women pushed out of their homes and the industry". I do not remember exactly what was all about as I was considering ragequitting the ceremony at this point. To add insult to injury, this got standing ovation. Not from everybody but still. I found the whole thing pathetic. Obviously not because I do not care about harrassment etc. - as every sane human being, I do. But it was a clearly one sided nod to the professional victims, a nod from those whose lies contribute to why some women might not want to join this industry. I felt like watching bullies accompanied by the betanodders and the uninformed visiting that nerd in the hospital that "unidentified someone" beat up. Hypocrisy and propaganda going over 9000 so fast it's visibly distorting time and space.

Three, unsurprisingly, the best moments of the awards were all exclusively about games and their creators. To see and hear mister Sakaguchi live ...priceless. It was all fucking surreal. Here I am, a guy from a small Polish town, sitting next to my idols like Sakaguchi or Romero...

Speaking of Poland... At one point two out of five nominated games were not only from Poland, but their creators were from the same Polish city. Heh. I am not particularly patriotic but that was cool.

That is it as for my random thoughts on the subject. Carry on :)

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