Why I HATE Binyamin Netanyahu

I despise Netanyahu for a hundred reasons.
But, above all, for undermining the security of Jews in the United States by suggesting ("I speak for all Jews") that we are less than full Americans, that our loyalties are divided (which is the case for a few, but hardly most).
Who knows what this suggestion and AIPAC's lobbying for a foreign country will ultimately do to our standing in the United States.
And the very people Netanyahu has screaming "I love Bibi" and "I Love Israel" (the Sean Hannitys and Rush Limbaughs of the world) would be the first people to turn on us. Just look at these knuckle draggers. Do you think that when they rail about "Hollywood" and "New York" that they don't mean US? Come on.
But what does Bibi care?
He doesn't.
But I do. My grandchildren live here and, God willing, they will be living here for 120 years. They live in the most secure refuge in the world (chosen over Israel by their Holocaust survivor great-grandparents).
And Bibi is making that refuge less secure.
As for Israel, rather than serving as a cure for anti-semitism, its actions are inciting it and will continue to do so until Israel ends its war-mongering, not to mention the occupation.
Those who say that Israel's behavior has nothing to do with anti-semitism should note this:
Yitzhak Rabin was the most popular foreign leader in the world. After his murder by a rightwing Jew, more foreign leaders attended his funeral than any world leader since JFK. And anti-semitism diminished as Israel was seen as seeking peace.
Netanyahu who, by the way, incited against Rabin, has turned all that around.
He is destroying the Zionist dream, turning it into a nightmare.
But worst of all, he is endangering my kids, and their kids, and their kidsm future in the most secure home we Jews have ever had.
Theodor Herzl must be spinning. And Ben Gurion, Golda Meir & all the Jews who fought and died to create Israel. THIS is not what they envisioned.
Nancy Pelosi, who has Jewish grandchildren, cried when she watched Netanyahu. We all should. Or, even better, fight back.

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