So here's the additional translations for some of my lyrics off the battle round at #UNPRETTYRAPSTAR Hope it comes helpful understanding on what I was REALLY trying to say. "If you don't know~ now you know!"

좆도 없는 넌
literally means "you don't even have a dick",
but it's a common idiom used in Korea that means,
"you don't have shit" "you're broke"

내게 아무말도 못해
you can't tell me nothing

So this line has a literal and metaphorical meaning,
metaphorically-> you don't have shit so you can't tell me nothing
literally-> you don't have a dick you can't tell me nothing

난 좆도 없지만
same goes here, I maybe saying I don't have a dick in literal terms
but what I'm really saying is that "I may not have much"
(it could be fame, money, power, you guess it), but.......

"사정" is a word that not only means 'cum'
but also means someone's situation or reason, plead.
But when it's used together with the world that means "without(없이)" as I did,
"사정없이" means "with no mercy", "ruthlessly" and in literal terms "without cum"

널 쏘네
literally, it means "I will shoot you."
"shoot" can also be interpreted in many ways though,
since you "shoot rhymes" "shoot guns" and
I suppose it can also relate with the word, "dick" since you "shoot cum" too (feeling like its too much...but just sayin...).

So the literal and metaphorical meaning of this line!
metaphorically-> I don't have much but I will mercilessly shoot you.
literally-> I don't have a dick but I can shoot at you without cum.

If you still don't get it, just think of the phrase "I don't fuck with you". It can be taken literally but it means "I don't get along with you" in general.


싸움구경 났으니 다 보러와 like CGV
the fight is on so come watch it like CGV
(CGV is Korea's biggest movie theater chained-brand)

내 앞에 선 넌 가짜 fucking CG shit
you look so fake like Computer Graphic shit in front of me
(my lyrics were about being a true MC, not a "rapper-wannabe".
I'm teasing my opponent as a 'fake rapper',
focusing myself as a real MC, spitting real hiphop)

니 꼴은 소녀시대 G G 지
you're quite like SNSD, Gee Gee Gee
(Another idiom in Korea, "GG" means to fail at something, or screw up something.
Used together with SNSD's hit song it becomes a joke I toss to my opponent
who is known for her looks than her rap skills to the mass.
Kinda relates with SNSD too since they are an idol group, "eye candies". NOT A DISS TO SNSD NOR KISUM! JUST A METAPHOR!!)

청기백기 소녀 이제 들어올려 백기
Blue flag, white flag girl, now raise the white flag
(Kisum is known for her debut as the 'bus girl' who did a blue flag, white flag game on bus tvs.
I am referring to that and telling her it's time to raise the white flag; 'I surrender'.)

Hiphop is a culture that not only has an aggressive side but also a very very humorous side too.
My lyrics include wordplays, metaphors for fun and to work as a "punchline" against my opponent since the mission was a "battle mission".
Everyone else who were there knew it. That's why they all enjoyed the performance.
(Hence San E oppa's laughter and the girls giggling at each line.)
A battle is like a sport. It is a game played with rules (given the same time to prepare, chance to perform..etc) and you show respect on stage by showing your best.
Just because I won one round, doesn't mean I will be a winner all the time.
But I won that round 'cause I prepared my best. And I did my best. So I have no regrets.
(btw Kisum and I are close enough to share drinks privately and she's got more to show next time. Expect that.)

PS. this is probably gonna be the last reply about this battle episode I will ever do, because I am thankful to know there are foreign viewers.
I hope someone who had no idea what hiphop is, gets to see a bit of what this culture is, and hopefully start to love it. Love it like I do, and many more hiphop fans do. Trust me it's a worldwide culture. They will really "know what I'm saying".
If not I guess hiphop isn't for you so feel free to take me as some weirdo who loves hiphop, and continue enjoying what makes you happy other than hiphop.


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